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"Take on Hitler and his army of vampires in this strategy RPG for the 360." - GameCola

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Six Great Last-Gen RPGs that I Just Couldn’t Finish

RPGs are great, but it takes a lot of dedication to finish most of them. Here are six PS3 and Xbox 360 RPGs Gamemoir's Nick never saw the credits of.

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3315d ago

Hitlerama: Nein Games Where You Get to Fight Hitler

With the release of Wolfenstein: The New Order this week, GamerzUnite takes a look at 9 memorable video game appearances by everyone's least favorite final boss... at least until his head explodes or he melts into a puddle of guts.

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hemmo19863572d ago (Edited 3572d ago )

Ah robot hitler in wolfenstein 3d. Probably one of the most memorable boss battles!

"let's see that again"



360 Degrees of Japanese Role Playing

Hardcore Gamer: Our team would like to present you with the most comprehensive guide to Japanese role playing games on the Xbox 360. Some of our editors will be sharing their thoughts on these games, we’ll also be digging up some archival quotes from this very publication, and bring some rather unknown and obscure releases to your attention. For the importers, we've got a compilation of cool releases that never left the native homeland.

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ValKilmer3601d ago

Wow, this was an awesome trip down memory lane. It's easy to forget how many great JRPGs the Xbox 360 was home to.

Skate-AK3600d ago

Out of all of those I only played Lost Odyssey. I like the game a lot too.

jakewhritenour3600d ago

man that's a lot of stuff. who woulda thunk it. plus there's got to be plenty more