Are AMD Digging Their Own Grave?

TweakTown explain why they feel AMD's decision to have delayed Crossfire X support may eventuate to their ultimate demise.

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LinuxGuru3890d ago most gamers I know don't even know or care about SLI or Crossfire.

I still don't think multi-video-card solutions are even one-tenth the popularity they would need to be to even affect anything in regards to the company's success.

Kakkoii3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Stories like this are the reason companies are pushed into demise. This subject is given so much media coverage that companies loose revenue and also become less attractive to there investors. Slowely closing down. (e.g, HD-DVD)

Just let the companies be, stop contemplating on what's to become of them.

Stories with random people contemplating on whats going to happen to so and so shouldn't be aloud here. There merely peoples opinions. This is a news website, not a blog.