Rumor: Nintendo deletes NNID after Wii U owner lets underage niece draw on Miiverse

It appears that Nintendo deleted a user's Nintendo Network ID after a Miiverse drawing from an underage niece was detected.

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lilbroRx2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

I bet a lot of people are going to complain about this but let single mishap of someone showing someone underage a perverted drawing and people will be blaming Nintendo.

Though one thing I have to wonder about this news is how Nintendo knew the drawing was made by an underage person. Did this guy have her write "I'm an unsupervised 10 year old" in a message box?

Hisiru2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Don't know what to say about this. I would be mad.

sloth33952564d ago

read the story they said that on the drawing it says it was made by his 10 year old niece

nukeitall2564d ago

This is ridiculous and this is sort of why I don't subscribe to the idea that Nintendo would be the network I would join for online gaming.

jmc88882564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )

Really? Did you hear what the head of 343 studios said in regarding to certain language while playing on Halo 4?

If not you might want to google it.

That's far worse. It's not some idiot mod that made a bad call (and we don't know if it's even true) versus a publicly stated policy from the CEO of that company.

So if you don't like Nintendo network for this, then surely you can't like xbox live.

Me...I don't like any of this fascist stuff. Though as an owner of both, what can I do? Only open my mouth and inform.

nukeitall2564d ago (Edited 2564d ago )


That isn't even a valid comparison if you are referring to the zero-tolerance policy on offensive communication in online gaming on Halo 4.

That is a good thing for the community, as I don't to hear abusive language or sexist and racist language in my games.

However, I don't want Nintendo constantly watching over me and banning my account because they "think" I'm under aged. That doesn't affect anyone besides me and way stepping over the boundaries.

It's amazing how you twisted something positive into a negative. More amazingly you got more agrees than disagrees at the time of this writing!

UnholyLight2564d ago

For anyone that wants to read the article likely related to jmc8888's comment

ElectricKaibutsu2563d ago


Thanks for posting that. I hadn't seen it. I'm all for it.


I clicked disagree but now I regret it :-/.

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Spookshow2564d ago

Nintendo have to watch their backs, today it was a harmless drawing, but's not always the case, and people love lawsuits these days...

3-4-52564d ago

It's stupid to sue Person A for what person B did.

MRMagoo1232564d ago

Thats the good ol' US of A for ya tho.

Kos-Mos2563d ago

usa ftw. Rest of the world=no problem.

TotalSynthesisX2564d ago

Harsh. At first I was like, "lol, dude has a perverted niece" then I find out it was a normal drawing and his account was suspended simply because his underage niece drew it?

I see where Nintendo is coming from, but wouldn't a warning email/NN message suffice? Suspending someone's account immediately because of a minor breach of conduct is a little too extreme if you ask me.

Nevers0ft2564d ago

Agreed. Nintendos moderators are just people like us (ok, maybe they're prudish far-right evangelists, I don't know) but you're going to get some that use do a great job and some that are drooling morons that can't use a bit of common sense.

TheBrit2564d ago

I know it's nit picking but, she created this image on HIS account not her own account so the part that reads "Today I receive an email saying that my NNID got deleted because “a children need parental consent to create an Account online” is totally crap - she never created an account as an underage child so his account should not have in theory gotten banned.

And if they are trying to say he is under age, they have no way of knowing that.

Very hokey

exfatal2564d ago

i've read this story earlier and im not quite sure i believe it. Like a drawing my 10 year old did.. if he didnt put those words up (and apparently the child wanted to draw it herself) how could she have been unsupervised unless she wrote those words herself which i doubt. I know im being a bit nit picky just seems so unlikely that nintendo would be so harsh in there modding when trying to appeal to a wider range. I definitely wanna try this out and see if i get banned lol

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The story is too old to be commented.