CD Projekt RED teases The Witcher 3 with a new sword image

DSOGaming writes: "Remember that secret hint of The Witcher 3 in Cyberpunk 2077′s trailer? Well, get ready everyone because we have a new teaser for you. CD Projekt RED has posted a new update about the REDkit beta, and included the following screenshot with it."

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NYC_Gamer2570d ago

I'm always down for more Witcher

Red_Orange_Juice2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

I decided to buy a good PC, cannot wait to play Witcher games (and Metro 2033 and Alan Wake), I ditched PC gaming for too long :)

papajag2569d ago

Not gonna lie...The Witcher 1+2 was the main reason I got back into PC gaming after a 6 year departure. This is the year for both the PC and PS3. So many games.

Cirran2570d ago

Still yet to play Witcher 2. Sitting on my hard drive untouched. Maybe I should get to that.

Eamon2570d ago

I need to get on with it too. I played about half of it when it came out on xbox.

Spenok2570d ago

I also need to do this o.0

AKS2570d ago

I can't wait to beat down some more whoresons and get my plough on.

Heisenburger2570d ago

I'm a ps3 only owner and nothing has ever made me MORE interested in this series than " I can't wait to beat down some more whoresons and get my plough on".

That's fantastic. Lol

DudeJets2570d ago

Ironically it sums up the game brilliantly that word is used plenty. I'm going to do another play through.

If you can't afford a decent pc buy a cheap second hand xbox just for this title

HarvesterOSarow2570d ago

I think you mean "another plough-through"...

hylandpad2570d ago

Thanks for this. You rock sir!

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