PlayTV recordings let you store them anywhere

It will be possible to export TV recordings made with PS3's forthcoming digital TV receiver in a standard file format and store them anywhere you like, Sony explained today.

Mark Bunting, a producer at Sony's Cambridge Studio, which is working on the software for the PlayTV device, showed how the MPEG-2 video files could be moved from the PlayTV interface to the PS3's home menu.

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LSDARBY3977d ago

Cool, this makes it a must buy, i can record it then rip it to a DVD on my PC or put it on my iPod :D

moveteam3977d ago

Exactly, but MPEG-2 is not a good codec for HD.

gonzopia3977d ago

This is awesome news, and the last bit of information I wanted to hear before nailing down my decision to purchase a PlayTV box.

What I like to do is record a show and then, for some shows, save the whole season before I watch it. I would rather not buy a special hard drive for my PS3 to do it, but move those to my PC (over the network) and let them accumulate there for later viewing.


Vip3r3977d ago

Sounds good. Shall be buying PlayTV when it comes out.

wil4hire3977d ago

Going to need to upgrade that HDD boys. I've almost filled my 60 gig w/movies and stuff..

resistance1003977d ago

Nice, this means i don't have to upgrade my internal HDD and can copy them onto my External one.

Will be getting this soon then ^_^

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The story is too old to be commented.