This Week in Japan

A Blue Dragon faceplate (pictured inside) is just the latest Microsoft Japanese gambit, as we try to discover what went wrong with the original Japan-busters Ninety Nine Nights and PGR3 and whether or not Gears of War will play in Tokyo....

Xbox 360 is simultaneously the underdog in Japan, and backed by nearly infinite billions of dollars. So what's been going ion this week? First and foremost, it has been revealed that the Blue Dragon Xbox 360 pack will include a fancy "Blue Dragon" faceplate.

It was announced a few weeks ago that a demo disc of Lost Odyssey will be included in every issue of Famitsu published on October 20th. The demo is said to offer players a taste of the first hour of the game, drawing them in with amazing cinematics and introducing them to the main characters.

Just today, it was announced that the demo disc will also be included as part of the Xbox 360 Core System Anniversary Pack along with Project Gotham Racing 3 and Ninety-Nine Nights...

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eques judicii5906d ago

This starts out as a good article on the 360's chances in japan and then seems to quickly jump on every negative it can. It even goes so far as to ask why microsoft didn't change the main character in GoW for the japanese audience (ya.. and why didn't they just shoot cliffyb??) The seemed like a moderately good read, and he seems like he really wants blue dragon and lost odyssey to succeed, but not too much. In fact, he simply wants them to push other game developers in the right direction...

I also didn't understand that he only mentioned western games when he talked about the Z-rating... Dead Rising (completely japanese developed) got a z-rating and still sells.