SPOnG: Patapon Review

The downside to this game is very heavily outweighed by the upside. The game is fresh, fun and very, very individualistic. If you can work past its frustrations and get to grips with the game, you'll enjoy yourself.

The combination of genres may not be for everybody, but Patapon has a lot to offer those who are willing to persevere with it and the game simply oozes character.

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xplosneer3875d ago

However, one of the worst elements of the game is the limitations of the equipment system. You can only equip your Patapon warriors with the weapons and armour that they pick up from the bodies of the dead Zigatons. There is no way you can use the materials you collect in order to make new weapons. This is a pity because the way that equipment affects the battles is quite detailed. This becomes apparent before each excursion; you can re-equip your forces and see loads of stats for each individual from speed to resistance to critical hits."

You can, but you have to get the blacksmith.