1988 Vs. 2008: A Tech Retrospective

Think the iPhone is pricey? The cool cell phone of 1988 cost $4382 in today's dollars. A 150MB hard drive? $8755. Take a trip with PC World down memory lane, and you'll never whine about the price of a gadget again.

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lalilulelo3886d ago

i cant believe those prices...

vudu3886d ago

Ahh how I remember watching a laserdisc movie in high school and thinking "Holy crap! That CD is huge!".

Monty_The_Great3886d ago

but I don't think they should of done 20 years, maybe just 10 years would of been better. But it is crazy to think that these things were thought of as being so over the top for there time. Can't wait to see what we have in 20 years from now. I loved the line, "in 20 years we won't need to carry a library around when we can just DL it from the internet cloud."

Tarmgar3886d ago

We've come a loooong way baby.

DarkArcani3886d ago

PS3 - RAM 256
Well that's wrong. Still an awesome read.

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The story is too old to be commented.