Access to Video Games more violent than guns

Darren Resnekov Of Capsule Computers wrote :

As more atrocious violent shootings occur across the US, the more people clutch at straws trying to come to terms with it all, completely baffled and holding their heads in bewilderment, all the while living in denial and delusion within a society where guns are as easy to get hold of as candy. It was never going to be long before the vile video game industry that is turning our kids into murderous ravenous monsters was again hauled in front of the firing squad ready for execution.

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militissanctus2570d ago

I despise the phrase "poisoned by testosterone." There is nothing wrong with testosterone. That's natural. Society doesn't shape that. Men are no more poisoned by testosterone than salmon are poisoned by fish oil.

ZacE2570d ago

I'm just so sick of this conversation. I can't believe we are still at square one.

ManDemon2570d ago

This conversation will exist until video games are widely enough accepted or something new comes to replace it as the scapegoat. Unfortunately, I don't see either coming about soon enough.

koga882570d ago

One thing to know about these surveys is that first of all, the people taking it are called "Common Sense Media" which seem to be a website oriented to concerned parents, which is fine but also oriented towards people who seem to have little to no actual video game knowledge. As we saw out of that White House conference, the government knows that they can't just scapegoat video games as the source for this violent trend. Instead there needs to be more mental health assistance and stricter laws about who can actually buy guns and what type of weapons can even be bought by people. Unless there are some radioactive deer out there that require a Gatling gun to take down, there is no need for someone to have an M16 in their gun cabinet.