DMC: Devil May Cry 'Vergil´s Downfall' dated

Capcom today announced the release date of 'Vergil´s Downfall', the first big Add-On of DMC: Devil May Cry.

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FarCryLover1822567d ago

A BIG add-on already... tsk tsk

WeAreLegion2565d ago

Games are usually finished and starting the print process three months before their release date.

What do you think the developers are doing for THREE FREAKING MONTHS before the game releases?

Sitting around?

No. They're making DLC. Come on, man... Bloody Palace Mode is already going to be a free add-on. However, this DLC required a lot of working hours. Therefore, ya gotta pay.

Why don't you make a game that averages an 86 on Metacritic, despite outright hate from most of the gaming community? Then, we can talk about "tsk tsk".

saint_seya2567d ago

LOL at capcom.. they sell a 50% games like full game and then release dlc like a week after..

WeAreLegion2565d ago

This is actually the longest DMC in the series...

This is more like a 150% game.

2567d ago