An EA Take-Two buyout could be good for GTA, good for gamers writes: "Over the past couple of days, there's been a lot of excitement surrounding Take2 and Electronic Arts. The main concern for the ordinary gamers is what exactly will happen to Take2's games if the company is absorbed into EA's bloated body."

"Many publications and blogs are taking the sensible angle that this is probably a Bad Thing. Not us though – we reckon there's a good number of reasons why EA being at the helm of GTA and, importantly, other Take2 franchises could only lead to good things all round."

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Lifendz3887d ago

R* is NOT owned by Taketwo forever. It isn't. In fact, the contract is up in a few months. Let them buy Taketwo. It's R* that worries us all. Whichever side buys Rockstar is going to OWN the North American market. MS and Sony have more than enough money to make this purchase but it comes down to who R* wants to be sold to. My guess is Sony. Their machine has a standard HDD, bluray has more storage, and they just don't have the restrictions that MS has. Look how pissed Epic is with MS. You just know after Gears 2 the next one is multi-plat. And where is UTIII on 360? /rant

YoMeViet3887d ago

EA I grow tired of your greed, LET MY GTA GO!

Hitman_Legend3887d ago

I don't want to see a crappy GTA sequel released every year. When I think of EA I think of quantity not quality.

Tarmgar3887d ago

EA acquiring GTA is NOT good for gamers. EA will destroy all companies it absorbs like Buu from DBZ!

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The story is too old to be commented.