Game Saved – Episode 1 Pokemon and Lego: The Walking Dead

Mari Shishido writes:

"Game Saved is a video series where Mari Shishido will, most likely, know what she is talking about when she covers recent gaming news. Game trailers and gameplay videos are covered in this series, along with opinions no one asked for. Pokemon X and Y was announced this week with a cool trailer. And Mari comments on what she seems to think is LEGO: The Walking Dead (The Walking Dead: Survival Instincts) gameplay. We are so sorry."

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ZacE2922d ago

Hahaha...I don't know if it looks THAT bad...but I get your point for sure. And with a March release date; yikes!

militissanctus2921d ago

I actually really like the Lego aesthetic. TWD looks terrible.

masterabbott2922d ago

this video series is awesome! loving the pokemon x & y segement! lol Mari is cool! keep up the great work! cant wait to see episode 2.

coaidant2921d ago


militissanctus2921d ago

Bahahahahaha. It's funny because that Walking Dead game looks so bad!