EA and Take Two Execs Continue to Trade Words

EA's buyout offer was made and subsequently rejected by Take-Two's Board of Directors, and TGR looks at the public discussion between EA's John Riccitiello and Take Two's Strauss Zelnick.

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Relin3978d ago

I love the passive-aggressive nature of these deals.

Take Two: "We thank you for your offer, but we believe you are severely undervaluing the power of our offering."
Translation: "If you want GTA4, you need to pay a LOT more than that, biatch."

EA: "We can offer lots to Take Two, including the stability to compete in such a tough industry."
Translation: "Take the money, or we will end you."

Hydrollex3978d ago

Ugh ! I'm sick.

there are like 20 news about EA and Take-Two in just one day