What Sony patents say is in the PS4 - the future tech making the next PlayStation

OPM: There’s been a lot of patent news flying around these last few months suggesting all sorts of possibilities for the future of PlayStation. Here are some of the most interesting ideas and sciencey bits that might have an impact on PS4.

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TheGamerDood2557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

"It could add temperature to the feedback options."

Yes I want.

jujubee882557d ago

The #9 Gaze patent seems interesting. Kinda wonder how it works. Hmmm.

MoonWheel2557d ago

You will probably need a head piece of some kind. Most likely VR classes or around those lines.

guitarded772557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

Actually... no... at my University, some are working on advanced eye tracking, and I would think a peripheral more like a PS Eye would be used. Here's what we use (see attached pic). I really don't think eye tracking will be used in the PS4 though. It's rather confining at this point in time.

jujubee882557d ago

The patent talks about using a device more the one you showed.

It was also used for mobile displays.

If Sony wanted, they could probably at least use it on the VITA and PS4's menus I bet.

morkendo232557d ago (Edited 2557d ago )

interrupt your gaming for advertisment??? seriously!!!

right at the highest point of the game you're pumped up, excited saying YEAH!! BABY' YEAH GOT YOUR ARSE. 'we interrupt your inter-action enjoyment" for BEEFY CHUNKY CAMPBELL HEARTY SOUP. "next"
try our NEW Sunny Delight juice mix, just add water it will BRIGHTEN your day.
back to your local gaming experience.

say WHAT'D!!!!!

ziggurcat2557d ago

easy there, sparky... there's no way that's getting implemented, so take it easy.

MoonWheel2557d ago

The ad patent sounds completely stupid. If this is put in it better have a turn off mechanic otherwise it will be a horrible mistake.

DeadlyFire2557d ago

Well it could work with multiplayer matches and intermission between loading maps maybe. Otherwise I see it as a big red flag. Especially if it interrupts my campaign in Single-player.

Biometrics is alright. Unless it locks siblings from playing games I bought.

Online pass system is likely just a rebranded way that they did with PS3 games and online pass system.

palaeomerus2557d ago

I want something simple. I put in a game and play it. No DRM unlock codes. No downloads. No installation.

Stopping gameplay to show me ads? No way. I have no intention of buying that. It might work in a FREE game. All the move and head tracking features sound like more harmful than good. I'm not sure about the biometric recognition either. If it can tell me apart from my friend fine, but if my friend can't play my games because he's not me and hasn't paid for my licensed stuff, then that's dumb and I see no reason to buy such a device.

Locking purchased content to a machine instead of a login account sounds stupid as hell. Sony needs to be able to compete with Steam. Steam does everything by account.

Not happy with the list of patents. Now lets hear about the actual product.