Why Sony Would Be Crazy To Announce PS4 Before May

TSA: "As the internet dissolves into another day of crazy rumours, speculation over when Sony will announce the PS4 continues afresh. The twilight years of any console generation are generally the same, of course, but this time it’s a little different, and it’s fair to say that we’re unlikely to find ourselves in this situation ever again."

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Godchild10202567d ago

I don't see Sony officially announcing their Next console until maybe a week or 2 after The Last of US releases. They still don't have a date for Beyond: Two Souls, but for all we know that can grace both Platforms or just be a holiday title for the PS3.

They will show it off to upcoming developers at GDC to get some on board for some PSN or full retail release for the year or so after the systems release, but no officially announcement until all the games are out the gate and has seen good to great footing.

At least this is what I hope they do.

Abdou232567d ago

It will not hurt those games sales, I repeat it will not hurt those games sales, thousands of people already rode the hype train for these games. And a lot of people will stick to their current gen. consoles for at least another year waiting for number of next gen. games to be released, price drop. etc.

Godchild10202567d ago

You are right it won't really effect those games because gamers already have their minds set on them, but that doesn't mean Sony will officially announce the console before The Last of Us is out.

I'm sure a lot of people will stick to the PS3 and a good share will keep buying the system before jumping to the next console, because there will be a price on the console (PS3)long before the release of the next one and there will still be games coming out for it.

The only way I see them announcing the console before The Last of Us is out, is if the system has backwards compatibility.

hakis862567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

I agree, it won't hurt sales - not even for a year or two! I mean, people still have 70+million PS3s, and they're gonna want new games for them...
PS4 won't nessecary have a lot of games availible at once anyways =)
And it will take a few years before x-million PS4s are sold.

OMG I'm hyped right now!

GribbleGrunger2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

No, it won't hurt game sales because there are 72 million PS3 owners out there. What it would do is hurt console sales because Sony will want the exclusives to push hardware this year. Announcing the PS4 would effectively stop a lot of people buying a PS3 for these games and hold off in case the PS4 is backward compatible. Not a good move. Next year, after the exclusives have released would be my guess.

Many have said that Sony have sold too many studios but they forget that a lot of Sony studios have become two studios, such as Naughty Dog and Media Molecule. We'll see support for both consoles for at least another year with Sony exclusives still releasing on the PS3 in 2014.

The PS4 may be announced towards the end of this year but it's likely that the PS4 won't release until late 2014 -- just long enough for a lower price to create an 'impulse buy' market with bundled exclusives driving it.

Sony won't be concerned about releasing later than the Xbox720. They will have the PSP/PSVita/PS3 making them money, and money is the name of the game. PS+ will help drive the PS3 sales long after the PS4 releases. I also think that BC is almost inevitable for the PS4 because Sony will want to integrate it into PS+. There will not be enough games for the PS4 to warrant a decent 'instant collection' so they will offer PS3/PS2/PS1 games to compensate for that short term lack of PS4 games.

TheGamerDood2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

Am I going to throw out my PS3 as soon as I get my PS4? No. Also I'm sure Sony will offer up a version for the PS4 so for the people that want to make the leap can do so without any worries. And it's been known for some time now that most of Sony's first party devs are already working on PS4 titles.

Take SuckerPunch for example they're already looking for testers for their new game. The combination of Sony's first party studios and third party will keep the PS4 well stocked with games in it's first year.

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akaakaaka2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

LOL so you actually think that third party devs are not already making games for it?
haven't you see all the ads on n4g for already a year and i'm talking about the ad's not the rumors that are looking to hired people to work for next gen PS4 or Xbox.

if is showed at GDC it will be open to the public or the behind doors for the main web pages, ign, etc, mags and retailers.. and all the info soon after for us and it will create hype for e3 to see how the games look and what is all info and deails

Godchild10202567d ago

You do know GDC is also for upcoming developers looking to make a way into the industry? I'm sure already established third party and first party developers are making games for the system, but I'm talking new developers. New developers to bring new IPs to the digtail and retail front of the console.

As I said I think it will be announced to upcoming Developers to get them hands on to work on new titles for it at GDC. It could be, behind closed doors to developers and the Media, but it won't be made official with specs until late may early June.

GribbleGrunger2567d ago

I totally agree with this paragraph from the article:

'Well, for starters the PlayStation 4 and the next Xbox are highly likely to be the final ‘consoles’ as we understand the term – weighty, expensive boxes are surely on their way out and whatever happens this year there’s every chance that the following generation will be all about streaming data to a dumb terminal, rather than pouring billions into R&D to ensure the chipsets are as future-proof as possible before being outdated in a year by a modest PC.'

This is why I believe that whether Sony are first or second to the market does not matter. The PS4 will be around for longer than any other console in history.

bicfitness2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

The people who are going to buy a PS4 (early adopters/ enthusiasts) are NOT the same crowd that are currently, or will in the future, buy PS3s. The markets are pretty much mutually exclusive at this point. They won't be cannibalizing any of their own sales as those enthusiasts will buy TLOU and TLG and all the rest of those games anyhow, and people looking for a $200 and under system (a price drop IS comming, for sure) with a massive library, will have just that. Those that want new stuff, will have that opition as well. The fact that they finally killed the PS2, says that they're setting up their next low end/ high end trend with the PS3/ PS4.

After 7 years, the hardware needs a refresh, seriously. This has been one of the longest and most frustrating console generations yet.

The article also mentions the PS Vita, which as far as I'm concerned will have a better chance at functionality as was initially promised (REMOTE PLAY, I'M LOOKING AT YOU) with better hardware. The PS3 is a great system, but it is certainly OLD tech at this point, by any standards.

I don't particularly care when the announcement comes, but it might be better served to let MS get their blowharding/ Cirque Du Soleil extravaganza of an announcement out of the way first, then have the spotlight to themselves. I don't care when the announcement comes as long as the hardware is on NA/ EU shelves by November. That is my only concern.

ElementX2567d ago

Everytime I see that picture I cringe. It's used too often.

Apex132567d ago

I think it could be a smart move as it allows them to build good momentum to build upon going into e3.

They and MS are too similar so they each need to make themselves stand out from the other.

Hanso2567d ago

What do guys think the ps4 will cost?

Hicken2567d ago


Really, around the $400-$450 range.

SAE2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )


i bet it will be 599.99 $ lol ..

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