Shane Satterfield leaves Gametrailers

"GT has come from its humble beginnings to be a post production beast propelled by creative, smart, and hard-working folks. And I love pretty much every single one of them. Things are difficult for gaming web sites these days, and GameTrailers is no different. GT will be changing in the comings months, and after giving it a hard look, it’s not a perfect fit for me. I’ve been working 60- or 70-hour weeks for the past 14 years and I’m a builder by nature. The building at GT is complete and has been for some time. Knowing that the site is in more than capable hands, the timing is right for me to move on to the next chapter of my professional life. Before I started working at GameTrailers I was a fan, and I’ll remain one. You should too.

The decision to come to GameTrailers has been one of the best I’ve ever made, and I’ll always cherish my time creating content for one of the web’s smartest, most-discerning audiences. So I bid adieu, and if you miss me stop on by Twitter (@Dinfire) and say hello. I know I’m going to miss the whole lot of you."

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Dante1122559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

The guy is a perfect example of a lot of things wrong with professorial game criticism. His comments about TWD and Journey were just embarrassing and sounded like something you would expect from the COD section of gamefaqs. Not to mention the whole "If you give a popular game a bad score you failed" comment which is a whole other level of dumb. I hope he goes somewhere easily avoidable like Rev3 or Kotaku.

prototypeknuckles2559d ago

i agree, shane to me just came off as the typical mainstream journalist jerk.

Godchild10202559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I can't say I will miss him and I know I won't say he was the reason why I watched anything on Gametrailers.

He had some of the worst comments that make you want to pull your hair out and if you didn't have hair, you would go and grow some, just to pull it out. He is the one person you would hate to work for your favorite company or site.

showtimefolks2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

i am a huge GT fan and still hate this new site because they made it more confusing than anything else.

shane best of luck i never liked you and have very little respect for you. you thought your opinion was meant to be taken as facts

i am hoping GT turns for better


if someone disagreed with him he went out of his way to make them look bad, watch the podcast where they talk about hate on Re6 and he calls it a excellent game and calls people for hating on it stupid


its one thing to have an opinion to think your opinion is fact or taken as is and no one should question that's opinion now that's wrong

GT since the new launch has lost a lot of its fans, and its sad because they do some great shows/podcasts but they changed a broken GT website into a more broken website which now is even more confusing
----------------------------- -------

I read his statement and i am kind of touched, while i don't like the guy his hard work has made GT into a primer site for games. so thank you for your hard work. maybe now you will also go back to gamespot since jeff went back too.

where is adam sessler?

animegamingnerd2559d ago

i agree i used to go to gametrailers a lot but with some of his idiotic statements and failed arguments and of course the site resigned really just made me stop watching content on it

Mounce2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

GT back in 2005-2008 were the better times...

Not so much now or ever since 2008 to 2010 honestly. I was basically a pretty well known member there since of the sites launch before my main account being banned due to trolling the trolls. (Woe is them) but, it's not like it's Shanes incompetence that makes the site bad. It's the staff that govern it and the mods that reinforce it. A lot of the mods there I know are virtually underaged and some are even as young as bloody 15-16 years old yet have mod, I do not lie.

Most of the mods do dick-all when it's asked for, begged for, or when flame is going around, Gametrailers generally provokes the flames and then manages it only after it's blown out of proportion.

Hell, remember the amount of times that Gametrailers made VERSUS Videos? Yet while it was literally a BANNABLE OFFENSE to make any form of Versus threads on the forum. So, I remember taking a screenshot of one of the GT Staffs responses to a member who was complaining as was many others who grew tired of seeing the versus videos, and here was his response:

HAHHHHH....What a Jokester! Versus threads are bannable, Versus videos? HUrrrr- We's didn't post it on the forum, TEHE.

sandman2242559d ago

I think he's an excellent journalist. He was the only reason I liked watching invisible walls. Shane is straight bad ass! I respect him and his opinions. I hope he continues to have a successful career. Also all you gaming fans are just rottenly negative. Everyone needs to grow up and look at the good in an opinion. You my friend fail at it.

scofios2559d ago

Ok know the rest of GT'S arrogant people.
And especially invisble wall crew.

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Bumpmapping2559d ago

See ya wouldn't wanna be ya!

CaptainPunch2559d ago

Lol you're leaving comments on gaming websites, he's traveling the country attending gaming events. You sound like a kid.

Mounce2559d ago

Yea, if you don't mind traveling the world and not being appreciated, and your company and opinion generally being considered invalid by majority of gamers.

Like, if you don't mind living a life where your job revolves around you being an ass and no one liking you or appreciating your existence. Sure.....

...Nope, still wouldn't want to be him. I'd rather be appreciated and that my opinion matches that of the gaming populace while keeping my integrity and having unique point of views on things. He? He's Geoff Keighly and Doritos, just without doritos and with utter obnoxiousness.

silkrevolver2559d ago

I know it's an awful thing to say about someone you don't know personally in the slightest... but this man is just awful.

Good riddance.

Now I can FINALLY enjoy their podcasts without some his dumb ass ruining the whole thing for me.

CommonSense2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

I thought he generally seemed pretty professional on the podcast. He also did a good job at keeping it on track. I'm not a regular listener, though.

Godmars2902559d ago

And there was much so-so rejoicing...

Think I stop listening to the GT podcast specifically because he often got things wrong, then stood by them.

GusBricker2559d ago

...just because of his and Marcus different mindsets about games. You need people with different opinion, or everything become boring.

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