2013: Year In Speculation

Today's gamers actually have more control over the content they receive from the big gaming juggernauts than ever before, due to heightened expectations based on recent technological leaps. The resulting power shift has increased general expectations from the industry's audience to a point where they have a solid opportunity to shape the future of their own entertainment. That being said, making accurate predictions about the gaming world in 2013 is most likely going to be tougher than ever, so here are a few debate-worthy topics for you.

nassour4056d ago

Looking forward and yet scared of 2013, filled with mysteries and you know what I'm happy about that!

djslimzz4056d ago

Why so scared, with all of the rumors and upcoming games 2013 offers, it will be a massive year. I can't wait for E3!


Pacific Drive devs ruffle feathers over baffling decision to only target 4K 30FPS on PS5

PS5 exclusive Pacific Drive is a remarkable and unique experience, but its targeted performance of 4K 30fps is frustrating players.

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Neonridr8h ago

the fact that this isn't locked @ 30fps means they should have given us a 60fps mode.


Baldur's Gate 3 Developer Teases "Robust, Cross-Platform Plan for Mod Support"

Baldur's Gate 3 just received a new hotfix patch, and its developers revealed that they are working on cross-platform mod support.


Steam has discounted this game so much that it's now even free to play

WEPC writes: "We’ve spotted that Sid Meier’s Civilization VI is currently free to play for a limited time, with a 90% discount currently available as well as big DLC price cuts too."