Dishonored Developer’s cancelled Half-life 2: Episode 4? | recently released information about a supposed cancelled expansion to Half-life 2.

Sebastien Scieux, formally of Arkane Studios reportedly leaked information pertaining to a cancelled expansion to the Half-life franchise, entitled “”Return to Ravenholm”.

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aliengmr2566d ago

I highly doubt this.

HL3 (or whatever you want to call it) has most likely been in development (to some degree) since Ep.2, and the only info released was like 2 concept pieces when it was announced and a couple of outdated concepts more recently. Aside from that NOTHING. Not even a confirmation that its in production or cancelled.

Having said that, I find it extremely hard to believe that anything Half Life was officially being worked on 6 years ago by a 3rd party dev, and no one knew about it.

profgerbik2566d ago (Edited 2566d ago )

Oh god if someone other than Valve developes any of the next Half Life's which I have pretty much given all hope on.. I will lose it.

Pisses me off enough we have been waiting around this long for Half Life 3 ... no just release Portal but never anymore Half Life episodes or any news about it ever coming back. It's been way too long it's almost like Valve completely gave up the idea altogether.

I don't understand how such a huge game can just fade off into the distance like it has. Half Life and Half Life 2 are still one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had with playing a game.

DOMination-2565d ago

Gearbox started off making half life expansions!

Anyway, Return to Ravenholm is old news. Although i can't remember if a developer was ever mentioned last time out

Dfooster2565d ago

Half life 3 will be out on next gen consoles, PC and steam box you wait and see. As soon as Microsoft and Sony reveal their new machines I expect an announcement from valve to follow shortly after. Maybe at e3.

There's no way a franchise as big as half life won't get a new game but I think they were waiting for new tech to wow us with like they did with the physics of the gravity gun in half life 2.