Sony takes the necessary steps to enhance the experience of MLB 13 The Show

Notably, there will be an overhaul to Franchise mode as it involves a focus on team budgets and it's effects on your team. Also, a new exhibition mode feature called The Show Live which will mimic real life stats at that time. Steve Lyons joins the booth to hopefully help with the commentary. And lastly, more presentation features and a new pushing and pulling engine for hitting.

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sdozzo2566d ago

Best sports franchise out there.

Belking2566d ago

Nope...NBA 2K series. The show is a close 2nd though.

dktxx22566d ago

Not anymore. Starting to get a case of Madden syndrome.

StrongMan2566d ago

Only PS3 owners can play both.

Belking2566d ago

yea, you're right. Fifa kills both in sales even though I like Pro Evolution better. You have to give Fifa it's credit. The show is a great franchise but many people just don't care about it.It doesn't sell that well.

profgerbik2566d ago

Was the last MLB cross play between Vita and PS3? I hope this one is.

Skate-AK2566d ago

You could play on PS3 and Transfer your file to Vita and keep playing. I'm sure you can with this one too. Also in 13 there iis a home-run derby that you can play against someone on a PS3 with your Vita.

profgerbik2565d ago

Ah I see, Thanks. Can't wait for this then.

black9112565d ago

I may buy mlb the show this year. Does it have a teamplay mode.