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Giant Bomb: "Whether you're a longtime fan (with an open mind) or a total newcomer just looking for a solid character action game, it's hard to imagine anyone feeling overly dissatisfied with this new game."

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LOGICWINS4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Not gunna lie, I'm shocked by how well this game is doing review wise. I enjoyed the demo, but I NEVER thought the reception was going to be this good. Giant Bomb are EXTREMELY critical, but not in the traditional sense. The games they give 5/5's to aren't perfect, but they don't nitpick on minor flaws that don't hamper the overall experience. This a review from a GAMER's perspective. Giant Bomb reviews games on the basis of entertainment value.

If you deeply enjoy a game throughout its entirety and want to replay it as soon as your done with it..it should be a 5/5.

VileAndVicious4064d ago

lol I said the exact same thing earlier today. I thought the reviews would be a bit more mixed...

can't wait to pick up my copy

Heavenly King4064d ago

You are in for disappointment.

WeAreLegion4064d ago

No, he's not. Mine is downloading right now!!! PSN pre-order ftw!

xursz4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

I can't believe people are stillmad about this game and also Ninja Theory. I remember when people were saying "this game is trash and wait for the reviews to prove it." And now what? The game gets enormous praise so now "the reviewers obviously are all paid." I didn't hear this much moaning about Halo 4 reviews being obviously paid.

The game turned out better than we expected, even the story is better than we expected. Buy the game or don't, but get over it.

"You are in for dissappointment" coming from someone who hasn't even played it -- Give me a effing break.

csreynolds4064d ago


Very well said. I hope it succeeds and puts all the entitled cry babies that represent the DMC fan base in their place. They've done nothing but hate on the game since Ninja Theory revealed 'new Dante' wouldn't have white hair. Now the reviews are coming thick and fast with 8s and 9s, I couldn't be more smug about it.

Personally, I really enjoyed the demo, and am looking forward to getting my copy this week.

AsimLeonheart4063d ago

Dont trust the reviews guys. I have played it. Just play it and you will see that this game does not deserves the scores that it is getting. You can also check the user reviews.

Mounce4063d ago

@Heavenly King - He's in for disappointment, because what? Because Your opinion of the game says so? Because he can't think for himself or have his own tastes? Either you have 'Royal We' issues, or you're just a sad fanboy :P

Let people play the game and decide for themselves.

csreynolds4063d ago


The user reviews no doubt submitted by the butt-hurt DmC haters who haven't even played the game? Yeah, I think I'll stick to my own opinion, thanks...

Temporary4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

lol...so many haters. I'll make many dirty martinis with your salty tears.

The game is hot.

Edit: Yeah im gonna check the user reviews so i can see all the fangirls foaming at the mouth using different tags to submit multiple bad reviews. Bunch of losers are trying so hard to belittle this game when it's actually GOOD. People even send me PMs saying I shouldnt say the game is good if i havent played it, OH SO YOU CAN SAY IT'S BAD???? LMAO

I played the demo and loved it, and the reviews reinforce my original opinion of the demo.


Loki864063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )


Halo 4 reviewers obviously being paid. Have any evidence or is it possible that people enjoyed the game for what it is. An excellent entry in a premier flagship FPS series. Take your fanboyism and gtfo, thanks.

xursz4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Ironic considering you saw one sentence and went haywire while missing the point altogether.

Point is there's no evidence and equal chance to both. Fanboy away.

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Jockamo4064d ago

I trust all the reviewers except patrick. for some reason, his opinions don't match mine...ever.

Christopher4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

I'm shocked as all heck that Giant Bomb gave it this score.

Edit: After having read it... that was one really short review as well. And logic of how the gameplay is handled at later levels with weapon required opponents being mixed in, I have to say their thought of "There's enough combat variety here to support multiple playthroughs" doesn't seem accurate except on earlier levels.

VINNIEPAZ4064d ago

@ cgoodno "I have to say their thought of "There's enough combat variety here to support multiple playthroughs" doesn't seem accurate except on earlier levels."

I played through normal and now on hard and they switch the enemies variety up earlier and it makes it that much more intense right from the start having to use either Angle/Demon weapons. It gets pretty intense. Normal wasn't much of a challenge but hard is making me really learn more combos and focused on the fight, so far its a blast

Gazondaily4064d ago


I remember distinctly that, a while back, you were quite critical of the fan backlash against DMC, which you thought was premature and unjustified (which I agreed with actually).

Do you still think that's the case? I refused to let myself get sucked into the mob mentality and I'll assess the game on it's own merits but I wonder what you think about the game (assuming you've played it).

MoveTheGlow4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Luckily, Giant Bomb's reviews are always by individuals, not by the entire outfit, so you don't have to wonder why Giant Bomb gave it that score. Brad did. Jeff may totally disagree if he gets around to playing the game.

Brad's not your average reviewer. The dude is still a completionist on games he didn't even need to review - and if your entire living is playing games and writing about them, that's pretty much full-on gaming masochism. It's highly unlikely, @cgoodno, that he didn't finish the game or even try out harder modes before reviewing it. That said, I get the impression he didn't really follow DMC until now. Which is different for us. I'm still kinda miffed about this whole under-30fps reboot thing...

It seems as if Brad Shoemaker loves this the same way that Brad Jones (The Cinema Snob) loved Dredd 3D - he loved that enough to put it as his #1 film of last year, above Django, because it's just an action movie done extremely well (and I'm one of those crazy people who might just agree with him!). Did he analyze its accuracy to the comic books? No, he didn't need to. In that same way, Brad didn't find a profound, innovative game, or something worthy of old DMC canon, but it seems to have more personality than the demo led me to believe, and if you can throw out your desire for more DMC, it works. The observation that maybe the game isn't just stupid, it's self-aware stupid, is an interesting one, and it makes me rethink my lambasting of it in another comment thread after scouring the demo and reading what Polygon and Euro had to say.

Basically, it seems like a review of No More Heroes. Campy in order to be overly campy, but the gameplay *probably* isn't the best thing about it.

Christopher4063d ago

***I played through normal and now on hard and they switch the enemies variety up earlier and it makes it that much more intense right from the start having to use either Angle/Demon weapons.***

You see, to me, that's not combat variety. In fact, that's limiting combat variety by putting in earlier and more often weapon limiting opponents. Sure, they put you up against an angel and a demon weapon opponent or four at the same time, but the fact is that they tell you which weapon to use on these opponents rather than giving you the control you want over combat. That's not combat variety. That's combat dictation.

***Do you still think that's the case? I refused to let myself get sucked into the mob mentality and I'll assess the game on it's own merits but I wonder what you think about the game (assuming you've played it).***

I still think that the mass majority of people who hated this game because of the character and world changes should probably play it and will probably enjoy it for what it is rather than bemoaning those few items. Is it different than DMC? Yeah, but it's what Capcom wanted and it still maintains a focus on the combat. IMHO, the major downside to the game, as far as gameplay, is the decision to create enemies that require specific weapons to kill.

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360ICE4063d ago

And I've said the same thing all along, this game is gonna be damn good. Say what you want about the new direction, this game is going to be great.

calis4063d ago

I love love love the fact that those who whinged about it when it was first revealed are running away with their tails between their legs.

FACTUAL evidence4063d ago

A couple good reviews and everyone's a fan again...lol. Funny how reviews make people change pace. I swear when they first show cased this there was absolutely no love for it...Even when the demo was out no love still. Now 5/5, and 9/10 reviews hit, everyone is on new dante's nuts now. Well I'm sticking to my plea though, played the generic feeling demo and I'm good.

It's not unplayable, but I wouldn't purchase it. I probably would of respected it if ninja theory made their own IP. Just as how I respected Heavenly Sword, and Enslaved. The fact that the game is being sold off of a brand alone is meh....I enjoyed DMC4 way more TBH (Demo wise).

Old McGroin4063d ago

Not sure your comments or opinions on DMC carry much weight as you have openly admitted you have only played demos of the last two games in the series.

Honestly cannot believe people are STILL dumping on this game even though it is getting rave reviews pretty much across the board! SMH. That's Negativity4Gamers for ya!


@Old McGroing

I'm not disagreeing with you, but I too personally would take my own impression of a demo over the review of an entire game any day, I simply don't trust reviewers that much anymore...

Of course, if I happened to be interested in the demo I'lll follow reviews to see if it keeps good with my impressions or if the demo was just a well chosen ad. But if I get the feeling the game is mediocre or generic from the demo, chances are I won't be following it that much, maybe a rental later... Sure as hell not going to buy a game I disliked in my own test just because someone I don't even know says it's good.

Does it aways work? Of course not, I had missed out on Dragon's Dogma which I just got recently for example, now I have to deal with almost no one online to hire my pawn... And there's a ton of games that never got a Demo and I simply don't find to rent which I'll proably never get to play. But still I'll always try to start my own opinion on a game (be it by demo or rent) before even looking out for a reviewer opinion, I may miss out on some stuff, but never got a crappy game since I started doing that... And it's not like I can afford buying every game out there afterall, so I guess it's better to loose by not buying than loosing by buying wrong.

wolokowoh4063d ago

@bishop-BR Demos can sometimes give the wrong impression though. While a game like Bioshock has a great demo, games like Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Bayonetta do not. Both games just take part of the game out and remove things that make them more fun. By that point in Bayonetta you have multiple weapons, more developed combos, and the option for equipment and items. Instead you are limited to the starting weapons and the bare minimum. Its fun but significantly less than the abilities you get 10-20 minutes into the game. The same basic idea goes with Castlevania. It's a bad representation of the full game.

showtimefolks4063d ago

wish the story was a bit on the longer side 15hrs but 10hrs is great too.

a lot of people wanted to hate this game so badly but i am glad we get to play another excellent DMC game

josephayal4063d ago

Perhaps Game of The Year 2013 would be DmC

4063d ago
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Elda4064d ago

This is FANTASTIC!!!...so much praise & support for this game,tomorrow afternoon couldn't come any sooner!

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r214064d ago

I must say, DmC is probably the only game I've seen so far that has positive reviews filled with tons of comments. Usually, the only reviews that get comments are the negative ones. Funny if you think bout it.

wishingW3L4064d ago

cus most of the fans of the reboot can't come up with compelling arguments of their own to counter the haters so they just comment on the reviews with good scores to use it against us.