Ninja Gaiden 3 Razor’s Edge Wii U Screens That Will Make You Buy It

Triverse writes, "Tecmo are a company that has proven they are not scared to reboot their original IP’s and try new things with them. Gamers have proven they will support the cooler stuff (how many Rygar games did we get in the last 15 years?). Here we have the third in the series of newer, 3D, Ninja Gaiden games (originally a scrolling arcade brawler that switched to side scrolling action on home consoles) and boy have Tecmo been working on improving this series (this series debuted on the Xbox awhile back and has continued to impress gamers)."

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LackTrue4K2563d ago

Lol....I think this game is trying too hard to sell sex.

lilbroRx2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Just what one would expect from a "typical" American. Anything even remotely erotic or sensual is pornography.

Any game with a woman who has more than an A cup is sexist garbage that is just trying to sell sex. Getting a massage is having sex apparently.

The games must only promote violence and murder to be healthy, respectable and mature.

Any female human form that is not clothed like a nun is selling sex now.

Th3 Chr0nic2563d ago

look at the name of the person your replying to.....

Eamon2563d ago


the term 'sex sells' is not referring to the act of intercourse. It means that the erotic nature and sensuality of sex is what sells.

So now you understand, read his post again.

clrlite2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Here in America sex is one of the primary tools used to sell. Many people do not agree with the PC bs that you refer to and we try to stay away from it. However, what you are referring to is foisted upon us without our consent in many cases. Either way, your comment is a bit harsh for a response to such a simple statement.

As far as the game goes, yes, the sexual appeal is one of it's selling points. It may need it, because from what I can tell, it lacks the same magic it's amazing predecessors NGS 1 & 2 have. If i'm wrong please correct me.

"....That Will Make You Buy It"

at first I laughed but some of the screen caps are actually pretty cool. I doubt I'll be buying this game any time soon though :P

Axe992562d ago

Hey, there was that Hitman ad with the lasses dressed like nuns and even that was trying to sell sex, lol.

jtenma2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

..."typical" American.

I'm looking on his profile, but I don't see where it says 'USA' Or North American. How did you know?

Honest question.

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Squall50052563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

I think the OP is just trying to sell this post with sex. There's loads of action screenshots to choose from with blood and gore. But no, "I'll pick the one with ass to get more hea"

Th3 Chr0nic2563d ago

but isnt her arse covered. you can only see her back and unless you live in a basement since day 1 of life that isnt much...oh well erm wait i forgot where i was for a minute

insomnium22562d ago

@ th3 chr0nic


Ontopic. I've bought several games in my life mainly due to my hunger for a piece of *ss. Nothing to be embarrassed about imo. It's nature doing it's thing.

Nowadays I live with my wife and our 3 kids and I still feel strongly drawn to these games.

Like Jon Lajoye says in his song "I gotta stop listening to my p***s. I would be a genious if I stopped listening to my p***s".

Th3 Chr0nic2563d ago

oooooo a womans back uncovered, how shameful /sarc

stage882563d ago

A computer generated naked women, OHH I NEEDZ IT NAO.

Really pathetic.

AsheXII2563d ago

Insecure much? Its about as erotic as watching 2D women on magazines.

stage882563d ago

Read my comment again.

Allsystemgamer2563d ago

Atleast those 2d women Are photos of REAL girls.

Apex132563d ago

If anyone gets of on CGI and animated women then you need to get out more. Sell the game based on it being a good game nto sexual content when there are movies and websites with real people doing a better job lol.

Not all gamers are fat, ugly no life sods who sit home all day.

DivineAssault 2563d ago

Tho i agree with what your saying, some people arent fat ugly w no life on purpose pal.. Try being a bit more humble eh? Would u like it if u were stuck in that situation?

Tonester9252563d ago

I say this on every article and I get bombarded by people who have fetishes with CGI women lol I just find that hilarious.

CrescentFang2563d ago

Like like to switch on and off. Staying on one genre gets a little boring. Mixing up things and having more variety is more fun :D

GearSkiN2563d ago (Edited 2563d ago )

Lame nerds who cares about sexy character and get turned

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