Sony: PlayStation Home Unaffected by Harrison's Departure

With the news that Phil Harrison, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios, would be stepping down this week, GameDaily BIZ wondered what impact this might have on the still in beta PlayStation Home virtual world/service.

Phil Harrison was one of the strongest proponents of online experiences for Sony and he helped spearhead the Home initiative, which started its life back on the PS2. Harrison may be moving on, but Sony insists the groundwork that's in place is more than enough to drive the vision for Home going forward.

"[It's] business as usual for Home. The projects that Phil has been working on including Home are still on track and are still sticking to their current schedules," a Sony Computer Entertainment America spokesperson told us. "Each title and project is supported by a wide variety of people behind the scenes to ensure the highest quality and execution."

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resistance1003891d ago

Big Phil may have left and will be missed however Phil was really the spokes person for his team and im sure theres someone more than ready and willin to step into his shoe's and continue the great job Phil has done for sony. Much like when Kaz stepped up to fill Kens shoes

cmrbe3891d ago

just read some ones comment blaming Sony Japan for his depature. Could it be because of what he said at CDC about being frustrated with Sony Japan?. It just clicked in my mind.Anyways. Home shouldn't be affected by his departure.

PS3forTheLose3891d ago

I just wish Sony listened to him. If they did, then they would be way beyond Xbox Live.

BTW, why don't they just release Home right now? I don't care how bad it is (as in not near in final development), I just want to have it.

deeznuts3891d ago

cmrbe, it could very well be his comments. Cultures are different over there than in the US. His comments MAY have offended some higher ups. I mean he went after Sony Japan somewhat.

dorey803891d ago

If Phil Harrison is leaving soon must mean home is complete very very soon

travelguy2k3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

the complete oposite, home is nowhere close to being done and he is tired of makin excuses.

hope not!

americanGTA3891d ago

Does this mean its not gonna get delayed?

TheHater3891d ago

I miss Phil. He was the greatest PR person in the business. Maybe he should teach a course at some Business college on how to be a good PR person.

Joey Gladstone3891d ago

In that picture you have got the crazy eyes, Shrek look going on for yourself lol..
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

MaximusPrime3891d ago

Peter "well things breaks" Moore left and then Bill "i got spattered by cream cake" Gate.

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The story is too old to be commented.