The Fall of the Specialist Retailer and Why Call of Duty Will Never Die in the UK

The high street is changing, there’s no denying that. Over here in the UK, entertainment store HMV is entering administration, following in the footsteps of the shuttered Zaavi and Woolworths. Meanwhile, videogames retailer GAME only just managed to escape closure after significant cuts, but even now, no one believes they’re going to last for very long.

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Sev2567d ago

No wonder why there is less innovation... and the publisher can't even be blame for taking less risks of the retailers are taking less risks and carrying less games, and consumers are taking less risks and buying only the same IP again and again.

doctorstrange2567d ago

This is why I should be put in charge of buying games for everyone

dbjj120882567d ago

lol, I don't think you know my taste in games :P

doctorstrange2567d ago

You strike me as a GTA Vice City and Max Payne sort of fellow

TrendyGamers2567d ago

I didn't realize so many UK retailers had gone out of business.

Wedge192567d ago

Yeah, we're not doing too hot over here in the US, but we still have a fair number of retailers. Selection still sucks in most of the big box stores, but it sounds like it's better than the bleak situation described for the UK.

doctorstrange2567d ago

It's really depressing, there's parts of London that are just shutterboards and for rent signs

Welshy2567d ago (Edited 2567d ago )

It makes me sad =(

There was a great little independent store called "Grainger Games" near me just outside Glasgow and i bought everything from there.

New games were always £36-37 instead of £40, loads of older games were kept in stock, had a huge, cheap PS2 section for all your collecting/nostalgia needs, and even took trades of old hardware so you could pick up a Gameboy Advance with a couple of Pokemon games along with your latest FIFA and MGS.

Makes me sad that little store has gone =( I'll support physical copies and local stores as long as i am able to (AKA before they inevitably close).

I don't know what it is, i just like to physically hold something in my hand that BELONGS to me in place of a file on my HDD. I paid £40 for PS Allstars physical copy from my nearest retailer and got Sleeping Dogs as a PC download for £18 the same day. I don't feel like i truly own Sleeping Dogs and tend to play it less knowing it's a mere file where i can see my nice bright blue All Stars case sitting proud in my collection on my shelf ready to pop in and have a laugh with my mates on any console, anywhere i take it.

Call me old fashioned, but that's my take.

Foolsjoker2567d ago

Hopefully the push for digital content will even market availability.

dbjj120882567d ago

and get more competitive pricing across the board.

Foolsjoker2567d ago

Agreed, while we have seen deals on PSN and XBL, they still haven't been nearly as competitive as online retailers.

T3mpr1x2567d ago

Yes please! We're not buying a physical product at this point...

2567d ago