Mark Rein on UT3: We've Surpassed What Halo 3 Offered

The PS3 version of Unreal Tournament 3 is shipping this week in Europe and that's why the Vice President of Epic Games talked to the Old Continent press about their first game for the platform and the outlook for Sony's console in 2008. Speaking to BBC News', Mark Rein said that the third installment in the UT series offers much more than what Halo 3 did on the Xbox 360.

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toughNAME3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

I'm afraid of the low quality Gears of War 2 will offer

EDIT - and don't agree/disagree because this is a potentially negative 360 comment, think about what I'm saying judgmental fanboys

masterg3941d ago

I think he is right.

I simply can not see what people see in Halo 3.
It's actually sitting in my 360 right now. I decided to give it another try after I hated the single player the first time and thought the online was pretty good, but nothing compared to Gears.

If you ask me. UT3 looks better, plays better and mods makes it an truly awesome game.

VaeVictus3941d ago

Campaign wise, he has no claim (even though Halo 3's isn't great by any stretch of the imagination). UT3's is a sorry excuse for practice.

Multiplayer it owns Halo 3 in all aspects.

lukewind3940d ago

I love how all the PS fanboys constantly put down Halo 3 like it is some horrible game.

The two best MP games on any console are Halo 3 and Call of Duty 4. The UT3 community on PS3 is a joke! There is barley anyone playing and the average gamer cannot make maps for snot. In terms of Mp Halo 3 is light years ahead of UT3 (and I love UT3) If you love UT3 more then thats fine, but stop putting your stupid fanboy snark all over things.

Remember more people play Halo 3 in one day then plays UT3 on PS3 in an entire week!

Time_Is_On_My_Side3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Halo 3 isn't that much of an upgrade from Halo 2 then you look at Killzone to Killzone 2. Look at Ninja Gaiden to Ninja Gaiden 2 to Metal Gear Solid 3 to Metal Gear Solid 4. Forza Motorsport to Forza MotorSport 2 to Gran Turismo 4 to Gran Turismo 5.

The PlayStation 3 games just have a bigger jumpe than the XBOX 360 exclusives. The PlayStation 3 is going to be thee console when PlayStation Home is released.

Sony will take over the gaming industry again. Plus I'm not sure if people realize this but there's a Halo map for Unreal Tournament 3.

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Silellak3941d ago

A developer has something positive to say about his own game? Crazy.

At least we can trust he has a completely unbias opinion of Halo 3.

ravenguard883940d ago

You get 10 points for awesome sarcasm.

Dlacy13g3941d ago

Or is Rein begining to drink his own cool-aid and getting a bit of a big head. UT3 certainly is a quality title, but I dont really think they have delivered more than Halo3 did. Why is he always feeling the need to puff out the Epic chest and pound on it like King Kong... you are good Epic...maybe even great...but tone it down a notch.

BenzMoney3941d ago

Dlacy13g -

Thank you! I've felt that way about Mark Rein for a while now. He's constantly tooting his own horn, and throwing his two cents in where it doesn't necessarily belong. Then, he goes and makes an asisine comment like this.

I fear for the online multiplayer of Gears 2 if Rein thinks that UT3 outdid Halo 3. I'm sure everyone remembers how pathetic the lobbies and multiplayer setup for the original Gears was. God forbid they take the success of that title as a 'free pass' to offer the same crap in Gears 2.

- Crappy server lists
- Extremely limited customization (choose starting weapons, etc)
- Can't play ranked games with friends
- No matchmaking

It always seemed to take forever to get into a game. I'm sorry, but I play video games to PLAY games, not to sit in a lobby (or get repeatedly booted out of lobbies I join).

All games need a matchmaking option. Gears multi sucked for that very reason.

Rein - if you seriously think that your online offering "surpasses" what Halo 3 offers, you're sadly, SADLY mistaken.

Douchebaggery3941d ago

The gaming media always looking for controversy.

Utalkin2me3941d ago

I won't what Mark Rein is smoking. Just look at the pic you can tell is high as a motha. Need a bubble above his head with a bag of cheeto's in it.