Devil May Cry on PC runs at 200+ fps – Benchmark

Are you wondering how your PC will handle DMC before buying the game? Here are some benchmark results.

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KING852561d ago

Certainly not a demanding game for PC users. Good to see that mid-range PC need not worry about getting decent FPS. I'm sure with next gen consoles we'll see PC games get taxed more.

FlyingFoxy2561d ago

We don't need demanding games, we don't want games that take 2 years for a new gfx card to run it at 60FPS.

Games should tax newish hardware enough so we still get a constant 60FPS.. or it's bullshit. Mainly Crytek make shit like that.

JasonXS122561d ago

The reason they do that is to show off the capability of gaming as well as pushing the technologies further faster.

RedDeadLB2560d ago

There is a problem in PC gaming today which is developers trying to cram in as much features as they possibly can (i.e. DX11 without proper optimization) to show off their developing "prowess".

It comes at a cost for us gamers who don't have 300$ every six months for a decent card and the fact that PC developers oversee is that pumping up seven thousand different features with next to no significant improvement over others makes playing the game at a satisfying level completely impossible. Crytek started such foolishness with Crysis and Crysis 2, and although they look great and in recent years run great, they were pointless at the time because no computer could run it properly at it's maximum settings. I mean, look at Far Cry 3. It doesn't look better than BF3, it's brimming with settings that are hard to choose from and above all else it doesn't run as good as BF3.
PC gaming is not all about a million settings to choose from, it's about running better and looking great at the same time. Props to Rockstar for Max Payne 3. That is an example of a great looking and smooth running game. Far Cry 3 is fun, but it's overcomplicated and power hungry and it doesn't even look as good as other modern games. Crytek's statement about Crysis 3 melting top of the line rigs makes me want to punch them in the face. All of them. They have lost sight of what gaming is about.

Hassassin2560d ago

But games are scalable... you don't need to run at max settings if you can't/don't want to.

And I call BS on needing $$$ monthly to PC game. I made a 900USD PC 2 years ago and haven't upgrade since, even when I got a 1440p monitor (a cheap yamakasi).

RTheRebel2561d ago

PC Is The Future
Next Gen Consoles Won't Do This

KING852561d ago

I think we can look forward to better A.I for next gen consoles. Better graphics is a given for next gen whether it be a slight jump or grand. What I really would like to see are devs putting an emphasis on better story telling and A.I.

BertlSenix2560d ago

Look at The Last of Us,the PS3 Exclusive

It focus heavy on an insanely good AI(best AI in gaming right now) combined with probably the best console graphics ever achieved.

The AI of that game should be a stepping stone for the Next Gen and i hope a lot of developers try to at least get on that level.
Cause hopefully Naughty Dog can't be the only one who is able to achieve such crazyness.

FlyingFoxy2561d ago

John Carmack maker of Doom said that Doom 4 would run at only 30FPS on next gen consoles.. so you have a point.

But then, i'm only interested in Doom 4 if it's like the originals and not the scare fest that is Doom 3, and has awesome online co op modes etc..

Ashunderfire862561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

Doom 4 should be up close horror like Condemned 1 and 2 with monsters. I would like to see monsters throw you across the room to the wall, only to roar in your face as you get up off the ground. It would be like a roller coaster thriller, all in first person.

MuhammadJA2560d ago

Amen! PC gaming is where it's at. lol, consoles!

profgerbik2560d ago (Edited 2560d ago )

Consoles are stripped down PC's. Every thing we practically use now is a stripped down PC.

Harcore graphics came from PC, then consoles tried to do the same. Phones were just phones but people wanted them to do more like a PC. So now they do..

Everything is based off of a PC. All the software developed for these phones and consoles is done on a PC also even these stupid little apps.. All done on a PC first..

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Ezz20132561d ago

i think i might get the pc version of this game

Bordel_19002561d ago

Me too. I pre-ordered it on Steam now! :-)

DragoonsScaleLegends2560d ago

Yeah I pre-ordered it too on PirateBay. Wow the things a PC can do for free.

Trago13372561d ago

Good to hear, I care more about performance than graphical fidelity to be honest.

mochachino2561d ago

There must come a point where increases in frame-rate are imperceptible to the human eye.

Johnny_Cojones2561d ago

Yep. For most people it's 45 fps. For far fewer it's 60 fps. Very few can see a difference past that.

droodle2561d ago

It's more about what you're trained to perceive as opposed to what you're capable of perceiving. Plenty of gamers who regularly use 120hz monitors can easily tell the difference between 60 and 120 FPS. Particularly with games, where framerate also affects input response time. Once you've spent some time playing at higher FPS, lower will feel considerably more sluggish and imprecise.

Linus of LinusTechTips did a test where he setup a system running BF3 on a 120hz monitor. The monitor would be set to 60hz or 120hz by a 3rd party without the player knowing. The player then attempted to identify which was the correct refresh rate.

He did two tests. The first was with an "average" gamer, accustomed to playing on 60hz monitors. The second was on Linus himself, accustomed to playing on 120hz monitors. The "average" gamer only identified the correct refresh rate 1 time in 5 tries. Linus, however, quickly and easily chose correctly all 5 times.

"Average" gamer -
Linus -

Johnny_Cojones2560d ago

@droodle- to my knowledge the current consoles only output at a max of 60hz, so for console gamers its irrelavent. Don't you need a dual link DVI, display port, or at least a higher speed HDMI input for 120hz?

Bordel_19002561d ago (Edited 2561d ago )

I can see a marked difference between 60 and 40 fps. I've tested on my PC locking the frame rate to different settings on a couple of games and 60 fps is by far the smoothest and best experience to me. I do don't know how it is above 60 since my display maxes out at 60.

Edit: The difference is especially notable with horizontal movement (x-axis)

Qrphe2561d ago

Well this whole +200fps is just a showoff, but some people can even certainly tell the difference between 60fps and 120fps even.

BertlSenix2560d ago

In the end the only thing that matters here is that the PC Version runs at 60FPS like the old Devil May Cry Games and not on 30fps like DmC does on consoles.

For such games 30 or 60FPS is an insane difference especially if you are into skill combos and perfectly executed moves where you need every frame.

Coach_McGuirk2560d ago

the difference between 60 and 120 fps is completely noticeable. Many times I'll lower quality settings to get my fps running 80+ just for the smooth gameplay.

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