This Battlefield 3 Player Narrowly Missed Being Blown The Heck Up. Dang.

Kotaku: Lucky, lucky. It's not often you get to barely escape a death, nevermind see how your demise could have gone down. This Battlefield 3 player, YouTube user MrChult, got out of his vehicle at just the right time. That's some Final Destination shit right there.

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Merrill2569d ago

Kotaku journalism at its finest, as per usual.

Kataku voted down, as per usual.

mwjw6962569d ago

Quit your crying. At least they dont do the OMG look at this info we cant confirm just for hits! Like most video game sites.

Voted up, as per usual.

GamerSciz2569d ago

Erm, this is exactly what Kotaku does. Posts random stuff, confirmation or not. All they do is try and get hits. They haven't been a "credible" news source for a long time.

GuyThatPlaysGames2569d ago

And this is newsworthy???? I've had this happen to me many times!!!! I hate this site and Kotaku!

JoGam2568d ago

You're right about Kataku but DAMN that was close. Battlefield 3 is one of my best FPS.

Newsman2568d ago

It's even funnier that some n4g admins sites are pure shit and have a three star rating. N4G has no credibility

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sandman2242569d ago (Edited 2569d ago )

This game is still amazing. I can't wait to see what next gen will look like for this series.

UnholyLight2569d ago

You know what's also pretty good is Battlefield 1943 on XBLA and PSN. SOOO addicting

TheFirstClassic2569d ago

Bad Company 2 is still the best in my opinion. More destruction, less linear, better campaign, and just all around more fun imo.

dkgshiz2569d ago

Not really that amazing. I've had similar things like this happen all the time when I play. Very fun game though. I'm excited to see what End Game is going to bring to the table. Obviously something big since its the last DLC for the game.

Hazmat132569d ago

soo many awesome moments in BF3 but my heart and time and my favorite will always be the Bad Company. where is Bad Company 3?

Nafon2569d ago

What a quality piece of news and information.

All sarcasm aside, this video is pretty shitty, too. Best timing ever? Uh, hell no?

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The story is too old to be commented.