The Wii U's Growing Appeal With Indie Developers Could Be the Good News It Needs

Minyanville: ''If Nintendo makes itself the preferred source for independent studios, it could carve out its own niche.

As stated in an earlier article, the biggest obstacle the Wii U (PINK:NTDOY) will most likely have to overcome is pulling in more game developers to attract consumers to its system.''

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Phil322562d ago

It will carve out its own niche by being the only home console for the eighth generation with Nintendo games on it.

lilbroRx2562d ago

It already had huge appeal with them and the best games currently on it are the Nintendo shop games.

People just ignored them until now for someone reason.

metroid322562d ago

Well with Unity4 supported for every indie developer expect eshop games to become increasingly better and graphically intense compared to LIVE/PSN.

WiigotU2562d ago

Considering the Wii U accounted for a miserable .7% of Call of Duty: Black Ops IIsales last year (when the game was the year's best-selling title)

Maybe i'm missing something but were there enough wiiu systems sold to account for more hmnnnnnn.

Nevers0ft2561d ago

It was a launch day title for a brand new console... Did you expect it to outsell the 360 version?

I don't have the figures available but wouldn't a better metric be the number of copies of a game sold as a percentage of that consoles user-base? 0.7% sounds terrible but what if 10% of Wii U owners bought the game, is that so terrible?

P.S. I'm a member of that 0.7% by the way ;)

wiiulee2561d ago

developers in general are very excited about the wiiu...what nintendo needs is better advertisement to continue the excitement and just let haters....these guys are coming out of their hiding holes with all kind of nonsense , not even trying the system