Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus Box Art Revealed

Glacier928: "Later next month, Vita owners will be able to pickup Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, practically one year since NGS+ was released. While this edition appears to be receiving more additional treatment than NGS+, we still have seen any screenshots or footage that showcases the game on the Vita. However, the box art has been revealed..."

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SamPao4061d ago

Beginning next month. its again psVita games buying time. I get Persona4golden. after that, ninja gaiden is on the list! (I heard I will never get to that because I will get sucked in in p4g?) :)

Snookies124061d ago

Yes... Persona 4 can and may steal your life for a week or so...

dkgshiz4061d ago

Man, so many games are coming out between Feb-March. If GTA 5 actually does launch on the rumored March 27th date I would probably have an epileptic seizure.

Seraphim4061d ago

It's actually quite sickening how everything has been pushed past Christmas these past few years. Granted I'd rather a polished game but I also don't have the time or expendable money to play and buy all these games between Feb-March every year. I have other hobbies to spend time and money on. It would be nice to see more games released before Christmas again. As for GTA. I'd be extremely surprised to see it March 27. I'd expect to see it mid-late April like IV or even possibly into May-June though the later it looks the more likely I think Rockstar would be to push it toward the end of Summer if they could afford to.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma, can't wait. I've actually been thinking about starting the original on the Vita tonight. Was going to play it but but got sidetracked by PASBR.

r214061d ago

Thought the header image was the cover. Would've been better compared to the actual one IMO.

tubers4061d ago

That feather on the real cover.. It just looks so out of place :(

r214061d ago

Indeed, it does. Did Ryu perhaps kill a bird or something.

Super_ike4060d ago

this version better be 60fps.


PlayStation Vita's 10 Most Technically Disappointing Games

VGChartz's Adam Cartwright: "Despite being the most powerful handheld console to be released in 2011, and being more than capable of handling ports of PS2, PS3, and even PS4 titles when the developers put the effort in, not every company was willing to take the time to ensure that the Vita version of their games turned out well - and as such a large number of games are hugely disappointing on the handheld simply due to the way they run.

In this article, I aim to examine these ports – what was disappointing about them (and why they should have been better than they were), as well as possible explanations on why they turned out the way they did - and ultimately come to a conclusion as to how well the Vita did as a machine capable of handling console ports during its lifespan."

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Games of the Year: PlayStation Vita

NZGamer - "The PlayStation Vita, despite being a powerful, and great-looking piece of hardware, has been struggling in the market ever since it released. This is perhaps no better underlined than in this very article; not only did we not have ten "top" games to review on the system this year, we didn't post ten reviews full stop - so the list is made up of our top five (or seven, depending on how you count, as there's a three-way tie for 5th place) instead."

NukaCola3712d ago

Tearaway is brilliant from start to finish. I think Media Molecule is the most imaginative and creative development team around.

Killzone Mercs is incredible. Tear one, AAA, top grade shooter capable of being right up there with any console FPS. I'm looking forward to the teams next game.

Batman AO got a lot of crap but it's an awesome game. The metroidvania game play fits perfectly in this world and it's right up there with the Arkham trilogy.


PlayStation Plus: Runner 2 Dashes to the Instant Game Collection

Posted by Morgan Haro // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms -

This week in PlayStation Plus, you’ll find the fantastic Bit.Trip presents Runner 2 (sporting one of the longer names in gaming) free for PS Plus members, along with PS Vita content on sale as part of the PS Vita Japanese Games sale . With the likes of Soul Sacrifice, Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus, and Touch My Katamari, there’s plenty of content to download to your PS Vita this week.

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Wedge193851d ago

Can't wait to play Runner2! Seems like an awesome game.

ABeastNamedTariq3851d ago

I've never played this. I'm gonna check it out!