Jimquisition: Only the Lonely

Jim Sterling:

"The videogame industry wants you to believe that the offline experience is for miserable loners.

Lonely is bad. Lonely is sad. Lonely people want lonely games because they don't have any friends. Only the lonely want to be disconnected, anti-social, and isolated from the world. Fun people, with fun friends, and a fun life, want to be online at all times, with Facebook integration and friends lists within their friends lists. Loneliness is for sad people.

But ... what if loneliness makes you happy?"

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wishingW3L2562d ago (Edited 2562d ago )

I'm a loner and I like off-line games so is not like I need someone to convince me anyway. ;___;

doctorstrange2562d ago

Multiplayer games are far more lonely experiences, because you realize how idiotic everyone is