4 things we may never see again in video games

Video games sure have come a long way since their conception. They have not only advanced in audio and visuals but also reached new heights in storytelling and demonstrated the ability to evoke far more emotion in their players than they were capable of doing 10 or so years ago, which is probably far more than many of us expected.

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BlackIceJoe2570d ago

I so wish more games supported local multiplayer. I remember playing many different games with my brother & sister growing up. But now many games don't have splitscreen at all. Playing four player splitscreen rocked. Yeah even on a 19 inch screen. It is crazy to think me & my friends would do it on that size. Then when you play with three other people you got a real small screen.

I so would enjoy playing multiplayer with my kids. But many games have taken splitscreen out. They may have online multiplayer but not local. So I hope that changes.