Sony’s Recent Trademark Could Change Gaming in the Worst Way

Dann has a look at the impact of the recent trademark that Sony has taken out on single-use discs for the next-gen consoles.

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TongkatAli2559d ago

I know! game devs will be compensated for their work, the horror!

2pacalypsenow2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

No now less people will buy games and will be geared towards other means of gaming (Wii u,Xbox,PC) because they wont be able to share games with friends and family or buy games cheaper. Look at cars The used market is huge yet Car makers don't complain about it . Also back in 2006 the same rumor came out

caseh2559d ago

Further back than 2006 actually, try 2000:

Article is dated 2006, patent was aquired in 2000.

Seraphim2558d ago

you're comparing apples to oranges when referencing the used game market to cars.

Anon19742559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Wow. Sites are still talking about this, huh? Remember, Sony has had patents for this kind of tech since 2000 and none of it has shown up in their consoles. If we're really going to pick apart every patent Sony owns looking for the potential to ruin gaming as we know it, we could be here for awhile. The same goes for Microsoft. You want to see some scary patents, start digging into that pile, but realistically how often are these patents put into production?

zerocrossing2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

This has nothing to do with devs being compensated for their work, this is about greedy publishers wanting to maximise profits at the detriment of the consumer.

The used games market has existed for many years now and the games industry's has thrived and become mainstream regardless, publishers see a way to make more cash and they're gunning for it, the last thing on their mind is looking out for you or any other consumer.


You're not helping your argument by making tired excuses for multi million $ companies.

There you go again, listen the devs do get paid for their work, so unless you are one stop acting like you have a clue what goes on, I developed indie games for 5 years in the past so I know a thing or two.

It has nothing to do with the devs, it's about the "publishers" if the devs aren't getting enough money it's either to do with bad marketing, the publishers suck, or the game isn't good, and try to understand that once a game hits retail it's already been paid for making most of your claims moot.

TongkatAli2559d ago (Edited 2559d ago )

Do you work for free ? How bout you open yourself a dev company, spend massive amounts of money to make a game and we will see if you can pay the rent or your mortgage or your employees on time.

Shouldn't a game for example XENOBLADE Chronicles deserve every sale it gets ? I bet if Nintendo was doing this you would be okay with it XD

@Punisher why don't you marry him and boycott every game being developed by a major company. My head is up my ass ? XD the irony of your statement, have fun peeling dem used stickers off your cases.

punisher992559d ago

"This has nothing to do with devs being compensated for their work, this is about greedy publishers wanting to maximize profits at the detriment of the consumer"

+bubbles to you. Its about time I find someone who doesnt have their head up their butt.

Ragnaarock2558d ago

Except developing games isn't free. These people put a lot of effort and time to bring you a great gaming experience. The least you can do is buy their game to support them. Developing a game cost anywhere from $20 million to $100 million. That means that they have to sell 333,333 to 1,666,666 copies at full retail price to break even.
Honestly though I don't really see the problem with this whole thing anyway, people who buy new games will still continue to buy their games new while people wanting that $5 off when a game launches by buying a used copy will have to buy a new copy if they want to play the game. The whole issue are places like gamestop anyway since they make billions of dollars each year by selling other peoples work. I'm sure a better way to go for something like this would be to ask used game retailers to send a percentage of their profits to the respective game developers.
I'd also rather make tired excuses for multi million $ companies that earn money for their work rather than make excuses for a multi BILLION $ company sponging their profit from developers work.

Revolver_X_2558d ago

@Ragnaarock- good explanation, I see it close to the same way. Its all about maximising profits, but not in a greedy way. The ENTIRE industry set the $60 standard. Dont you think devs for games like COD would charge $100 if they could. To me showing up on day 2-10 to save $5 dollars is ridiculous. On ther other hand $60 9 months later is ridiculous. This may not be the right answer, but an answer is needed. BTW, anyone who says I'll just go to Xbox is retarded. If Sony did it, money hungry Microsoft definitely would.

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punisher992559d ago

"I know! game devs will be compensated for their work, the horror!"

Um they were already compensated for their work.

zerocrossing2559d ago

It's OK your speaking logic, that doesn't fly here...

3-4-52558d ago

Why do they need to be compensated over and over again on the same item though ?

If I buy a bike from a store and a year later sell it, do I need to pay the make of the bike some money too....again ?

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Wikki2559d ago

If Sony does this and Microsoft doesn't, goodbye Sony

TheGamerDood2559d ago

Sorry but all the fees associated with owning a MS console will keep many from jumping ship.

born2live2559d ago

The money they are going to save buying used games will more than make for the $50-$60 for their gold membership - AND they'll be able to play their games on someone else's console...
That argument is getting old...

SkullBlade1692559d ago

Actually, I prefer using Sony consoles. If they did this and MS didn't I'd instantly switch to the next Xbox console instead of buying a PS4.

TongkatAli2559d ago

We have been hearing "Goodbye Sony" since 2006, yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sure buddy.

MasterCornholio2558d ago

They are saying the same thing about the 720.

"Microsoft's next generation Xbox console will feature a system aimed at preventing owners playing used games, according to reports."

Also Nintendos the first company that i know of who puts region locks on their controllers.

"Online Japanese news publication Rocket News 24 have confirmed that even Wii U GamePads are region locked. This basically means that you can’t use an imported Japanese Wii U GamePad on your North American system. We already knew that Wii U consoles and games are region locked, but it’s unusual for Nintendo to region lock the controller."

I really dont like the looks of next gen because of this. It would be terrible if they ban used games and i hate the fact that Nintendo continues to region lock their games and they even region lock their controllers.

KING852559d ago

At this point we'll have to play the waiting game and see what Sony does. It's no guarantee they'll implement this in their next gen system. People will act accordingly if Sony does or doesn't implement it. They will buy or not buy, it really is that simple. I hope people do not waste time worrying because that helps nor changes anything.

WeAreLegion2559d ago

Nobody, including Sony, is going to actually use this technology for gaming. It will, most likely, be for secure non-re-writable discs. It has been talked about a lot, recently. It's a cheap alternative to most forms of memory.


I am guessing that PS+ will be on PS4 and the online storage for game saves and one of the key words it says on ps3 now "expand your gaming horizons by downloading your saved data to a friends ps3 system to continue your game" if they do make one game disc work per console then there be only one point to the online storage right?

exfatal2558d ago

hmm this is a good point.. unless sony just expects your friends to own the game too, i really hope not.

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