Franchises that need a reboot

MyGaming - 2013 may be seen as the year of the reboot, with Tomb Raider, Devil May Cry, and Carmageddon all getting a makeover – but which games deserve to be given a new coat of paint? Among our favourite candidates are Crash Bandicoot, Streets of Rage, Fighting Force, Tony Hawk Pro Skater, and Turok.

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Relientk772569d ago

I would love to see a new Crash Bandicoot game, back with the original creators, Naughty Dog

prototypeknuckles2568d ago

Crash, heck yes just dont put him in skylanders, and he doesnt need naughty dog, true they made the best ones but there were still good crash games, after that.

streets of rage, i hope that supposed remake becomes true

never played the rest, but ill add
spyro(skylanders is not a spyro game)
Prince of persia(not neccesarily a reboot just a sequel to PoP08)
prototype(i think if they redid that series, and it focused more on alex it could be amazing, it has potential)

BlackIceJoe2568d ago

I agree with Streets of Rage. I don't know why Sega has not done this yet. I also agree with Turok. The would needs more dinosaur games. So Capcom should make a new Dino Crisis too. I also want to new Road Rage from EA.