Microsoft and Electronic Arts hire Morgan Stanley to do their bidding

Morgan Stanley is the banker representing Electronic Arts in its unsolicited buyout bid for rival game publisher Take-Two, the investment bank confirmed Monday.

While that news alone is no big deal, consider this: Morgan Stanley is also representing Microsoft in its unsolicited buyout offer for Yahoo, which was announced a mere 25 days ago.

That's two mega-billion buyout bids the premier investment banking firm has signed aboard to handle in the past month. And both have the potential to get mean and nasty, should the target companies kick and scream all the way to the alter.

So, this raises the question regarding Morgan Stanley, lofty fees aside:

"Is Morgan a glutton for punishment, or in need of anger management training?"

You decide.

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Bnet3433891d ago

Yeah so when is Microsoft going to buy EA?

TheExecutive3891d ago

the plain matter of fact is that neither have the money to buy the other... or at least justify buying them to the stockholders.

Diabloz3891d ago

Take-two be smart and say no

meepmoopmeep3891d ago

EA and MS swapping executives and this...

Arkham3891d ago

What's with the fanboy twist on the title? Lame. Use original title in order not to deceive.

Lord Anubis3891d ago

the original title included Microsoft. Who knows why the CNET blog removed Microsoft.

Lord Anubis3891d ago

I forgot to include the links to the original story but as you can see the title was changed.


Arkham3890d ago

Ah! It was changed when I first saw it. Never mind, then. ;)