Video Interview With Street Fighter IV Producer

Kotaku writes:

"On the last day of GDC, while we didn't have a chance to actually participate in our 3-way Kotaku Street Fighter IV Tournament To The Death, we did have a chance to sit down (or more aptly put, stand up) with Street Fighter IV producer Yoshinori Ono. Even after hours of interviews, he was still boyishly enthused about the game and willing to answer all of Crecente's frothing fanboy questions (like, how awesome will SFIV be, kinda super awesome, or really super awesome?). I was just pleased to hear that we have the same favorite character: Dhalsim."

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Yi-Long3890d ago

... why they have to 'westernize' Ryu with BLUE(!) eyes, and give him a horrible hairdo... or why they have to make Ken so f-ing ugly, with a bad Chuck Norris-style hairdo (sort in the from, long in the back)

All the other characters look great though, as do the backgrounds, so I'm still pretty interested in this game... but it's just a shame that they didnt get those 2 main characters 'right'.

And I REALLY want Fei Long and Cammy to be in there, as well as the bosses.
Now you have 10 characters, 8 old ones and 2 new but uninteresting ones, and that's not enough.

fox023890d ago

i doubt they'll be any of the Alpha characters in there, except MAYBE for Akuma.
as for me, if i don't get Akuma or Evil Ryu in this game i'm not buying it... i'll wait for the sequel