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"Devil May Cry is definitely a top-tier franchise for Capcom, despite it’s relative absence in the current generation. To find out that the newest iteration was in fact a reboot at the hands of Ninja Theory left a lot of fans feeling empty and distraught. This was only intensified when the new-look Dante was finally shown, stripped of his silvery-white locks and sporting a much moodier attitude, fans split their opinions in two: those who hated it, and those who remained optimistic. It’s been a long road since then for many, but now the title set to breath new life into the Devil May Cry universe is upon us, but does it live up to fan expectations or does Dante deserve to die?"

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ShadyDevil2560d ago

Fans will be very happy with the game. Even in the demo, you can tell that the combat is much more refined.

Temporary2560d ago

I agree. Only people who dont like this game are the losers who are mad that Dante looks different ...




Demo was great, and the reviews are great ... next theyll say all the reviews are bought and paid for by Capcom lol...

Oh wait they already used that one ...

Bunch of sad "gamers"

TheEnigma3132560d ago

Real DMC fans aren't buying this game. These reviews won't change a thing.

League_of_Draven2560d ago

Real DMC are buying this game. Butthurt DMC fans are still in the corner crying because they wanted this game to fail and it didn't.

TheEnigma3132560d ago

It will fail; just wait and see the sells of it. Then Capcom will just point the finger at NT.

VileAndVicious2560d ago

lol keep telling yourself that.

SaffronCurse2560d ago


Your comment has been noted. Once we see the sale numbers i will come back and laugh at you.

Temporary2560d ago

lol..I'm a real DMC fan, but im not an immature little punk crybaby who hates change.

This game is better now, get over it...before the demo came out i also spoke out against this game, after i played the demo i switched sides because it's GREAT.

Bunch of sadass "gamers", dont buy it then...miss out on a great game. lol

kenshiro1002560d ago

...YOU think the game is bad so don't buy it okay?

I don't approve of everything Capcom does but if the game is decent enough to warrant good reviews, then why is this a big deal?

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SovereignSnaKe2560d ago

-To all the DmC Haters: Nah nah nah nah, Nah nah nah nah... Hey, Hey, Hey.... GOOD. BYE.

prototypeknuckles2560d ago

come on man stop acting like people were hating for no reason, there are general complaints.

Temporary2560d ago

People that hated on the game before the demo either didnt play the demo at all, or played it already knowing they were going to hate it no matter what.

Theyre a bunch of punks. If you dont wanna get the game cause youre mad they rebooted it then you're missing out. Go back to CoD cause it's the same every year, thats the kind of shit you like.

DragonKnight2560d ago

@Temporary: Yeah, because no one who played the demo could possibly find fault with the game right? It was absolutely flawless and without any problems AT ALL. And no one bothered to post walkthroughs of the game with copies bought from broken street dates, and no one showed the ending of the game either. All of that didn't happen so there's no way in hell anyone could say this is a terrible game right? /s

prototypeknuckles2560d ago

@TEMPORARY, im not mad they rebooted the game, idiot, infact i was the first person saying it could be giid, but when i saw the gameplay, played the demo, and the way NT acted yeah i said screw this there re much better games that deserve the money.

Sketchy_Galore2560d ago

I'm willing to believe it's a good game but I just couldn't play a game with such a douchey protagonist. I'm not crying blasphemy about the redesign either, DMC was never my thing. I just can't stand to watch more than five seconds of the swaggering douche main character in this game. It's like they were trying to go for the young, good looking, wise cracking but charming Nathan Drake type but instead completely missed the mark and have landed themselves with a character who just clearly thinks he's all of those things.

I'm not saying the characters or the story had to be on the level of The Walking dead or anything. I would just like a character that wasn't as sickening and infuriating as the smug douches in hair gel advertisements and a story that didn't read like the wet dream of a Wallstreet occupying trust fund kid.

rocky0475862560d ago

When you play the story out he becomes more mellowed out and doesn't behave like a douchebag anymore. Trust, that was purposely done that way and he becomes a much better character throughout the story because of the things that he learns in the story.

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