Intel Acquires Offset Software, Project Offset Engine

In a surprising move, technology giant Intel has acquired engine team Project Offset, according to a brief statement on the official webpage of the often buzzed-about graphical game engine.

The announcement, from Project Offset's Sam McGrath, simply explains: "Today we have some major news to announce. Intel has acquired Offset Software. Yes, you read it correctly! Project Offset is going strong and we are excited about things to come. Stay tuned."

Project Offset's technology page explains that the engine is "...a complete platform for creating next generation games. Every aspect of the engine is designed around the goal of reducing development time and cost, while empowering designers and artists with the tools they need to create spectacular visual effects and immersive environments."

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heyheyhey3941d ago

your right

how did people miss that one

Charlie26883941d ago

The "check for duplicates" SHOULD have alerted the poster -_-

power of Green 3941d ago

Agreed the title of both posts are basically the same it does bring up all simular posts when being that close.

He posted it because he wanted to control the info. So far PO is a PC title and the devs hired some people to do a 360 port.

Remember you can still report stories after they leave the pending section.

Lord Anubis3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

lol, I like conspiracy theories but I told you. You have to include ninja and dinosaurs!

anywho, do a search on the contributor engine on what I submitted and your story is no where near. BTW project offset is still pc.

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Adamalicious3941d ago

Weird. Intel's cool though so maybe good news for everyone.

NRG3941d ago

Could be cool. Hopefully this will help the development come along too.

power of Green 3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

How are people getting dissagree's?.

Somebody dissagree's this post is a dup story?. Also wrong type/channel the post mentions the project offset title and its well known the devs are atleast have either hired the team for the 360 port or still looking, which I doubt sence the job listing is no where to be seen.

When you look at the platform listings in this link its because there was solid evidence of the devs working on the PC version and wanting to hire a team for the 360 version or port.

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