DmC: Ninja Theory Has An In-Game Surprise For Fans Of Old Dante

GameRanx - "Ninja Theory slipped in a little easter egg into its latest game, poking fun at Dante's white hair."

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TheSuperior 2106d ago

Everyone has been so upset about the Dante switch. I am 50 50 with the whole thing.

-GametimeUK-2106d ago (Edited 2106d ago )

Since I am not the biggest fan and a big supporter of re-boots in general it doesn't bother me. It isn't a slap in the face to old fans (however NT's behaviour certantly is), it is just a new interpretation of the DMC franchise. I wasn't mad when the new Spider-man movie was a re-boot, or the new Batman movies. There is even a Spider-man comic where he is black (if I'm not mistaken). If people treat these things for what they are rather than how different it is from the source material, they would have a much better time with the game.

Open your minds.

blitz06232105d ago

I'm glad I was never a fan of the old series. While I admit the new Dante looks dumb, if his new appearance doesn't retract the game from being good, I will get the game when its price drops (I have a huge backlog unfortunately)

Dir_en_grey2106d ago

The problem wasn't his hair after all...
It's the ugly face

wishingW3L2106d ago

it's the overall design of the game, is just too serious. Old games were just goofy and cheesy while this is edgy, angsty and there's too much swearing in it. And not to mention how they ruined the battle system. It was like going from SFIV to a Smash Bros game. =/

Pozzle2105d ago


I gotta admit, I'm surprised so many reviews have said they prefer new-Dante because he's "more relate-able" and "more realistic". Wasn't the point of the old-Dante that he was SUPPOSED to be outlandish, and over-the-top, and larger-than-life?
I'm thinking some people may have missed the point of old-Dante, tbh.

Mounce2105d ago

You're a man of refined taste when it comes to how handsome other men are, eh? :P

You want them rugged and handsome huh? Heh Heh Heh...

belal2106d ago

haha that was a funny easter egg. altough i prefer old dante.

ziggurcat2106d ago Show
Unztayble2106d ago

lol! he lookw like Anthony Kiedis.

kenshiro1002106d ago

That was kinda funny, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.