Does Sony Have You Sitting on the Fence? | DLBTV

"Sony's PlayStation 3 console has definitely been a bit of a struggle for Sony this generation, especially if you compare it to its past history of consoles. Looking back at E3 2005 and 2006, there were many promises, some bordering on insane, that never carried through. Sony has had many great visions this generation that never carried through or never got where they were supposed to.

Based on how Sony did this generation, does that leave you sitting on the fence? Or do you think that Sony has learned from their mistakes and will really pull it off this generation? DLB shares some of his opinions in this video."

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GribbleGrunger2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

I dislike going over well trodden ground, but I wish this perception of Sony struggling with the PS3 would disappear. If Sony struggled this generation and caught up with its closest rival, then what does that say about its closest rival? In that respect you have to assume that it is Microsoft that have struggled, not Sony ... BUT, no one has 'really' struggled. Both companies have done extraordinarily well this gen. Credit should go to both consoles.

Exactly where is he getting this idea that PS fans are sitting on the fence from? Has he polled thousands of console gamers around the world, or is he just making that up for something to talk about?

This just comes over as more hating. Digging up information from 7 years ago in order to make a point is pretty telling in my opinion. I'm sure that other console manufacturers have made promises that they haven't kept, but I'm not going to go into them because they're YEARS old. Reality happens here and now ... not in the past or in the future. Even these words I'm typing are in the past after I hit 'enter'.

the worst2568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

the only thing struggling is apple's iphone 5 that he loves so much
DLB is full of Sh!t
Get the fu$k out of here u Hater

Ezz20132568d ago

"Does Sony Have You Sitting on the Fence? "

here a simple answer to you
look at the games sony brought from 2008 till now and the upcoming games this year
to see sony made sure that every one even the non ps3 owners see that ps3 have Quality and Quantity
they aways have new ips to show plus the free online and what psn+ offer tons and tons of games

i'm buying ps4 day 1 because of that

you should ask
"Does Microsoft Have You Sitting on the Fence?"
my answer then would be : YES

Ult iMate2568d ago

Just a few days ago there were articles about "sales don't matter", and now we are "sitting on the fence" again.
This inconsistency is making game journalism look poor and irrelevant whatever they say.

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Godchild10202568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

What Sony has done in the past and is doing now, has me far from being on the fence of their next console. They have some of the best first and second party studios. If their studios start to leave then I will start to be on the fence on their next console.

To tell the truth each console maker has some of the best strengths and weakness that make them their own powerhouse in this industry, so as long as they play to their strength, no one will be on the fence of their next console,

TheBrownBandito2568d ago

Two sensible posts in a row? Pinch me somebody.

jp_footy22568d ago (Edited 2568d ago )

Here ya go!:


One small pinch for you, and a bigger one for N4G.

specsmatter2568d ago

On the fence? Hell no Sony has me wanting, fantasizing and wanting to know what the ps4 will look like and play like. they have proved to me that they care about consumers and that although they are out for a profit like any other company they are not afraid to innovate in software and push the envelop in hardware.

In me Sony has sold one ps4 already irregardless if its 500 or 400 i will pre order day one because i know ill be getting my monies worth.

stage882568d ago

I completely agree with you but you're last paragraph reminded me of this:

TheMrMalro2568d ago

I don't know any gamer that wants to switch...

aLucidMind2568d ago

The only reason I'll be holding off on buying a PS4 is because I've got a large backlog of games on my PC, XBox, and PS3 that will last me til the first price drop. I'm not sitting on the fence of either console, I'll buy them when I've 100%-ed the games I've got now (excluding MP stuff).

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