EA's Take-Two Call Outlines Potential of Deal

Kotaku have written quite a bit in the past day about Electronic Arts offer to buy out Take-Two, so some of you might be getting sick of the churn, but they think it's worth pointing out that EA did a call early this morning to reiterate their position on this whole thing.

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Tempist3891d ago

If EA is willing to throw Take Two that much money after calling them a sub-par publisher, why don't they up their gaming standards across the board with that money.

This "we can't beat'em, buy'em" attitude is literally killing competition, creativity and ingenuity. Bioshock would have never ever come to light under EA. GTA would have never stood the controversies and "Hot Coffee" scandal under EA. Yeah it recently weathered the Mass Errect thing, but back then they probably would have never let a GTA game come to light.

There's far more at stake in this than money. A large block of future gaming is being decided here and now.