Intel's 6-Core Xeon & Nehalem CPU Info Leaked

Late last month in Austria, Intel presented Sun with roadmaps discussing details of its upcoming server platforms, including the fairly secret Xeon Dunnington and Nehalem architectures. Unfortunately for some, this presentation ended up on Sun's public web server over the weekend.

Dunnington, Intel's 45nm six-core Xeon processor from the Penryn family, will succeed the Xeon Tigerton processor. Whereas Tigerton is essentially two 65nm Core 2 Duo processors fused on one package, Dunnington will be Intel's first Core 2 Duo processor with three dual-core banks.

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Elginer3978d ago

so is something like this going to be in the next Xbox?

kewlkat0073978d ago

I do not think they will be using Cell..anyhow.

So you figure in like 4 years..there will be new cores that will be cheaper.

Gorgon3978d ago

4 years? I think xbox 3 will come out by the end of 2010. 3 years to go, me thinks.