Retrospective: Phil Harrison

Phil Harrison has been an anomaly. Twenty years ago, Harrison took early steps into the games business as a graphic artist and game designer, working for hire in the flourishing UK development scene. By the time he became one of the most public faces of the PlayStation, he was a seasoned executive - but Harrison's roots in development have always been evident, and have always made him into a distinctive part of the Sony machine.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM3981d ago

This is a great read... I am shocked at some of the details and now understand why he would leave...

Thanks for the artical...

Iamback3981d ago

Since you "understand", can you tell us reason`?

Asurastrike3981d ago

I don't get it. What did he actually do? To me he was just a face. He is credited with making Singstar, Buzz, and the Eyetoy happen, but none of those appeal to Americans.

gamesblow3981d ago

Why Phil left is this, folks...

Phil has been in Sony and the workings of Sony for so long... Kaz has too, but Phil has been a software guy and a programmer for them and then moved on up in the company. He was and should have been a shoe in for CEO of the company when Ken left.

Simple and clean... When Kaz got the bid and gig, Phil got hurt by it. Rightfully so... Phil left because he knew it was a good exit out. All his projects are near completion (home, eight days, getaway) and he saw Blu-rays win a good sign and Sony's climb in sales a good sign.

Phil leaving the company when they were in trouble wasn't going to help their image. Phil leaving on a good note wo't hurt them. simple and clean. Phil likes Sony, he simply didn't like the politics in Kaz getting top billing for less work.

Iamback3981d ago

Yeah that is kinda obvious. I mean he deserved that position not Kaz but that is typical for Japanese companies to pick Japanese guy instead of foreigner no matter how good he might be.