Overlord PS3 confirmed - exclusive screens

CVG can confirm that the Overlord series, a Pikmin-influenced management adventure previously only on 360 and PC, will be making its debut on PS3 this summer with Overlord: Raising Hell.

Raising Hell will feature the full Overlord game that released on 360 last year, as well as all of the download content that has been released to date, all on one Blu-ray disc.

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beavis4play3890d ago

this is the one 360 title i wanted on ps3.( i just loved it when i played on a friends 360) having a small army of underlings to do your bidding just rocks.

Dann79783890d ago

Im gonna get it in summer time. Hope its not a port like a rainbow six.

tony3890d ago

missing anything great.

MK_Red3890d ago

Great news for PS3 owners. This was one of the most fun but sadly underrated titles of the last year. Now all gamers can enjoy this funny and awesome gem.
Hope it sells enough and they make M rated Overlord 2. They need to make it darker and more evil.

Captain Tuttle3890d ago

I've been playing through it lately and have been surprised at how much fun I'm having. It's a good, solid game.

MK_Red3890d ago

Agreed. The only problem I have is that it's not really evil. Sure, characters look evil and do some bad stuff but overall, the Overlord is doing the right thing and kinda helping the land even though he and his minions pillage the villages.

Captain Tuttle3890d ago

But one of the reasons I like it is because it's so tongue in cheek. It's a game that doesn't take itself too seriously and that's refreshing today.

RacingX3890d ago

This was one of my favorite titles for 360 and a VERY underated one as well. Good stategy mixed with some action and dark humor and here was a solid title that was totally lost under the rug. Why? I dunno, maybe the Bioshock/Halo hype train was doing the sweeping. I would totally recommend this title, and will picking up a PS3 version as well so I can get all content on one disc. I wanted to buy the download content, but M$ shafted me one too many times with that so sorry...

InMyOpinion3890d ago

I never understood why it got low score(maybe they didn't bribe the reviewers enough?). Awesome game with a very high fun factor.

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MK_Red3890d ago

It's a completely different game. Oblivion is an open-world RPG while this is a tactical action /adventure title.

Kyur4ThePain3890d ago

It ain't trying to be no Oblivion.

Covenant3890d ago

This was a woefully underrated game for the sold well, but should have sold better. This way, more people get to enjoy and appreciate it...kinda like Okami for the Wii.

Enjoy, PS3 owners.

Kyur4ThePain3890d ago

I am giving you bubbles (not that you need any!) for saying "should have" and not "should of".

Covenant3890d ago

I minored in English in I shuld be gud at making americun wurds and tawk. :)

Covenant3890d ago

Three disagrees...folks, I was making a joke about MY verbosity, not that of Americans as a whole. Didn't you see the smiley face...?

gEnKiE3890d ago

Sweet, I always wanted to try this game :)

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The story is too old to be commented.