The Possible Future of the 2K Sports Titles

Should EA complete the purchase of Take Two here is a look at the games in the 2K Sports portfolio and what the move could mean to them.

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Diabloz3977d ago

Would mean sucky sport games :(


beside madden nothing at EA makes me go and buy there games . There was nothing at 2k that made me go out and buy there games either just in the minority i dont give a crap...looking forward to the show 08.......screw you EA keep up the crappy work

name3977d ago

Madden went to crap after EA bought it. If EA buys all the sports divisions I'll just have to go outside and play them.

permutated3977d ago

2k's BIGS game was awesome.

One of the best baseball games since the original Nintendo.

xhairs3977d ago

Sports games are the same game year after year with updated stats, why don't we just get Madden NFL, and have DLC every year with updated stats and skins or something. It's possible, it can be done. The only problem is Americans wont do it that way.

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