Xbox Live Arcade Sales Chart - 2/26/08

This week's sales charts cover 9 days instead of the usual 7. The charts track these data: Units Sold, Price, Revenue, Units Sold for Launch-To-Date, Revenue for Launch-To-Date, and Release Date.

A few notables on the charts this week:

• N+ had a massive opening, regardless of it being a 5-day weekend. It made back almost its entire budget in its first week.

• UNO winds up at no. 2 with the Arcade bundle sales. It's doing great (even without the bundle sales) and really close to one million copies sold.

• Poker Smash suffered a massive 57-percent drop.

• Rez HD has a fairly strong forth week. It should just edge over 100,000 units in it's first month.

• Commander: Attack of the Genos has a strong second week. It jumped from no. 17 to 6 on the All Prices charts over the 9-day week.

• Chessmaster LIVE has a small drop but should continue to perform strongly. It's now selling less than 2:1 against Rez HD, despite having sold 9:1 in its first week.

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