UK Software Charts, Week Ending 23rd Feburary

No surprises as Nintendo dominate once again, but a nice surprise debut for Epic and a concern in sales for public-enemy number one, Electronic Arts.

DS = 15
Wii = 9
PS3 = 9
X360 = 6
PC = 1

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wil4hire3978d ago

Ut3 brits? Really? hheheh.. Look forward to playing you guys online!

Fishy Fingers3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Picked it up today : )

Will attempt some MoD making tonight!

Joey Gladstone3978d ago least for once ONE of the other two consoles can say that they were on par with Nintendo on some kind of sales lol.....still no where near them in Hardware sales
...."The JOEY has Spoken"

LaChance3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

the 360 version of DMC is selling way more than the ps3 version.I thought playstation franchises (like GTA 4) would sell 2 times more on the PS3 and it cant be the price factor since PS3 gamers think that 40 euros for a demo (gt 5) is cheap so 10 euros for DMC 4 is nothing.
Oh well , guess I was wrong...

Meus Renaissance3978d ago

What game are you talking about?

Drekken3978d ago

Do you really care what this tool is talking about?

LaChance3978d ago (Edited 3978d ago )

Look at the charts at least.DMC 4 on the 360 is outselling the ps3 version.And once again it cannot be the price factor , sony fans diss 360 owners saying that thay are cheap so the fact that DMC 4 on ps3 costs 10 euros more is no reason for it to sell less.

Danja3978d ago

thats because alot of PS3 owners were busy buying a better game called "UT3".

Meus Renaissance3978d ago

Globally, DMC4 on the PS3 is outselling the 360 version. And its not fair to compare the sales of multiplatform games when the 360 install base is almost double that of the PS3. However, interestingly, even in the UK - the ratio to hardware sales, DMC4 has sold more. In other words, there is a bigger ratio of PS3 owners who bought the game than 360 owners.

Strangelet PT3978d ago

So it would never be fair to compare a game on two consoles.
You will never know if DMC4 would sell better on PS3 if there were 18M outthere.

I believe it's all about the game library.

I have a 360 and I didn't buy the game because I have better games to play. The same would be if I had a PS3.

But look at the PS3 games and 360 games, now, the 360 has more games and DMC4 isn't a AAA title.

You look at the past, DMC 4 is now a better game than COD 2 when it launched on 360. But do the math and you will see that the retio is lower. The same for PS3, DMC 4 is a better game now than Resistance or Motorstorm were when PS3 arrived, but again the ratio is lower.

More games to buy, worse individual sales compared to total console sales.

We'll see the ratio when GTA and RE5 come out.

wil4hire3978d ago

When its convenient. Everyone forgets that the 360 has 18-19 million consoles out, causing people to go ape over a multiplat title barely selling more than the Ps3.

Yet as it is now, the PS3 is selling more DMC4 copies worldwide. BUT thats due to it being a Playstation IP right? And not the fact that PS3 owners are spending more money on games. Nope that could never be it. Just like the PS2 could never beat out the Dreamcast.

Bombomb3978d ago

it's fare to play the installment base defense in certain regions


when a multi game like DMC sells way better in japan then the 360 version,

fanboys always throw the installment base argument out the window.

Meus especially..

Meus Renaissance3978d ago

What about me? Please give me an example where I've given a hypocritical comment. I'd like to see that.

mikeslemonade3978d ago

Well yea because 360 still has a larger install base in Europe. Anyways worldwide DMC4 on PS3 is outselling 360. No PS3 owner is going to argue that DMC4 is outselling in the U.S. or Europe, but in Japan the PS3 version is outselling by a larger margin which more than offsets the 360 version in the US and Europe.

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undacovabrothe3978d ago

It has 7 million more consoles sold it should be outselling it. The fact that its not outselling it by a lot is what MS should be worried about. 7 million difference in consoles sold but not a more than a million difference in dmc sold.

Strangelet PT3978d ago

'MS should be worried about' ?????

What I see here is DMC 4 selling better on 360. Who cares about how many 360s were sold until now?

PS2 has 120M consoles worldwide, should a GOOD game sell 120M on that console?

If PS3 had the same number of consoles sold, would the scenario be different? Probably, but the ratio to hardware sales would certainly be lower than it is now.

What it's important here is that we're seeing a game that was Playstation/PC exclusive selling very well and even better worldwide on the MS Machine. Now tell me, will Capcom release any exclusive game on the PS3? Will Konami and Square Enix release their games on a console that can sell a phew millions?

Wildarmsjecht3978d ago

Actually..worldwide, ps3 version is outselling the 360 version.

lodossrage3978d ago

You do realize that if the ps3 had the exact same number of systems sold currently as the 360 then DMC4 would be surpassing the 360 version easily.

Just do the ratio math on that one.

Strangelet PT3978d ago

Till LAST week.
X360 - Around 630K Without Japan
PS3 - Around 731K

Ok, PS3 version sold more units, but I don't believe 360 will do better than this on Japan.

lodossrage - Just like I said, you'll never know if the ratio would be the same os not. Very probably NOT.

Just try to imagine DMC4 launching on a PS3 with Bioshock, Mass Effect, Lost Odyssey, Orange Box, etc..

Or better. Tell me, MGS4, Killzone 2 or FF XIII ratio per console would be higher now or in the launch dates when the PS3'll have some more millions and some more dozens of good games?

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