Sarcastic Gamer takes issue with 1up awards

Among about 2 dozen topics covered in this half-hour episode, Sarcastic Gamer's podcast team took aim at the recent 1up gaming awards, calling them, amongst other things, "a farce". Of particular interest, Assassin's Creed winning "Best Action Game" and Halo 3 winning "Best Shooter" seemed to strike a rather nasty chord with the hosts.

A very funny episode also featuring discussion of Sony's choice of name for Home, God of War:Chains of Olympus and Patapon impressions, and the importance of Gamerscore (or lack thereof) of XBL.

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Yeah those fkers are fukn retarded what can i say

LGFreedom3941d ago

This podcast always rocks. They couldn't be more right about 1up.

Odion3941d ago

why because 1up liked Halo 3 more then COD4? that is def a toss up between the two of them