EA: We'd sell more Bioshocks and GTAs

EA CEO John Riccitiello has been speaking in a conference call about the proposed offer for Take-Two and his thinking behind the combined mega company that would rival the likes of Activision Blizzard.

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Silellak4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

"I wouldn't change a line of code in BioShock nor would I in GTA or Max Payne... what we would do is sell more of it"

Reads as:

"We would take your successful, well-designed franchises and - completely ignorant to the fact that the thought and craftsmanship that goes into each release is what makes them successes in the first place - mass produce those little b*tches until the only thing left of these once-admirable game franchies is the rotting husk of a corpse we have repeatedly raped and driven into the ground."

Of course, maybe I'm over-reacting.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4863d ago

they would most likely sell more of them.


they would most likely take their SOUL in exchange.

kewlkat0074863d ago

you are not over-reacting...

EA piss me off, Monopolizing Sports games on Consoles, I still can't believe that is taking place.

Exhaust4863d ago

If these corporate vultures ruin the GTA franchise the gates of hell will open and eat EA alive. That all every gamer left that doesn't already hate EA will see the light of day.


permutated4863d ago

At the risk of being skewered, let me just say that you've all been brainwashed.

GTA hasn't had a good game since GTA III, neither has Rockstar.

You people are just so obsessed with sex and violence that you forget what good games are actually comprised of.

Go watch MTV.

incogneato4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

What you say is true. EA must be stopped. Giant corporate take overs like this ruined movies and now they are going to ruin gaming. We cannot let this happen!

And permutated, you're a jack ass. This isn't about GTA, I am not a fan of this game series. This is about video gaming in general! We can't let gaming turn into another Hollywood.

Silellak4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

Sorry you feel that way, but if you can state your opinion as fact, then I can do the same.

"Go watch MTV?"

Go to Hell.

You're wrong. Vice City and San Andreas are awesome games, and the reasons have very little to do with violence or sex. I love sandbox games, and the GTA series are the king of the genre. I mean, unless you want to point me to another game where I can fly a harrier through downtown "LA" or "Las Vegas".

Regardless, this isn't just about GTA. It's about Bioshock, and any number of franchises. Beyond that, it's about EA having a history devouring game companies and ruining amazing game franchises in their desperate search to make a few more million for their damn shareholders.

Maldread4863d ago

Silellak, agree with you both times. Rockstar is an awesome developer and GTA VC and SA prove that they`re willing to make great changes to their games and listen to what the people want in their games and implement it very well too. Red Dead Revolver was a broken Capcom project, until Rockstar took over. Bully was also a great game and a lot more than GTA in school as some seems to think.

Permutated, you`re entitled to your opinion, but i think the few games i listed above prove you wrong. Feel free to list the great games EA has made during the past few years, i don`t think it`s many (and no Crysis and Burnout dosn`t count since EA didn`t make them).

I`m sure the games would have sold more under EA,but it would mean less competition and creativity, and but the cost be worse games for us gamers.

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niall774863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

EA Bioshock 2008, Bioshock 2009, bioshock 2010 etc...

and just think how much "better" GTA will be with real ads on the radio and buying nike clotes and you use a motorola phone.


please stop buying everyone EA.

(Bubbles for freedom)

Honeal2g4863d ago

thats just 59.99 put towards another i wish ppl would just stop buying there $hit. how are they makin money every year? jesus the thought of playin NBA live makes me so angry .... if anything they should just keep the ppl who make the 2ksports games cause they know wat there doing.

darkvenom4863d ago

agree,I wish everyone would boycott EA games,let them know that innovation sells not stolen's always the same thing wash,rinse,and repeat.

lodossrage4863d ago (Edited 4863d ago )

But at what cost??

EA would just dumb down the quality of those games the way they've done all their other franchises (skate and burnout are exempt for now).

Then we'll see a new gta and bioshock every year. Then they'll charge people $60 for it knowing the game has little to no improvements (just look at the sports games and need for speed for proof of that)

I remember back when I used to like EA. But now I haven't purchased an EA game in eleven years (and counting)

People listen, we all know EA's quality and business practices suck. But if you keep buying their crap, they'll keep giving us crap.

And that is a normal business practice. This is their take on it :

"If the people are going to buy our sub standard stuff, then why SHOULD we car about quality and innovation, the people will buy it anyway"

As gamers and consumers, we ALL need to make a stand against this kind of capitalism.

fenderputty4863d ago

and the titles that they put out. There are a few that shine above the rest (Burnout) but, they generally put out crap. The thing is, the casual gamer doesn't know they put our crap. They don't care either. Most of the casual gamers will never notice a small framerate drop or the difference between two ports. The causal gamer will keep buying Madden year after year without any concern for innovation in the series. As long as the casual gamer exists, so will EA. There's just nothing you, or I or the serious gamer can do about it.

lodossrage4863d ago

The casuals are buying their games. But that can lead to a problem for EA in the end.

Casuals can either go two ways

1- They can stop buying/playing. I say this because casuals are just that, CASUAL. There is no guarantee they'll keep forking over money to EA simply because they don't play games much. This is ESPECIALLY true if EA loses the exclusive license with the NFL (and assuming Take Two continues to reject the buy out offer)


2- They can be converted to hardcore. And if that happens, they will be come more aware of the gaming world. It will open their eyes to EA's competitors. At which time, they'll realize there is a better product out there.

RJ20004863d ago

@ Top

You are right. I would not be surprised to see some kind of petition in the works. Anyone up for some kind of online petition which we could send to the NFL for one and ESPN for another. It would basically give a giant list of names saying that we would love it if they didn't let them advertise (ESPN) and the NFL that they are ruining their product.

EA creates one "good" game a year, but create around 10-13 games in a given year. The single good game will be reproduced each year after. A future example will be SKATE as well as Burnout. Look at Madden... could they F' that up any more (for the PS3)?

Rooted_Dust4863d ago

Step 1: EA buys Take-Two
Step 2: .....
Step 3: Profit

OpiZA4863d ago

Ahahaha... nice reference :D

liquidsnake4862d ago (Edited 4862d ago )

It's funny couse it's true.

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