Biggest Videogame Surprises of 2012

DSOGaming writes: "Amidst every blockbuster release each year, for some gamers, some titles just don’t stand up to the rest in terms of anticipation. This is maybe either due to a bad first impression from demos or due to the fact that they might be sequels to games that were disappointing. However, some of these games outperform their expectations and are ultimately a finer part of gaming. This personal list is a pick of those games which I believe were not only better than expected but also better than most games that year. Also do note that, these are not in any significant order and are only those that were available on all three major platforms which includes the PS3, PC and Xbox 360."

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Enemy3081d ago

Binary Domain > Mass Effect 3

Xristo3081d ago (Edited 3081d ago )

Sleeping Dogs could be on this list. It definitely exceeded my expectations by a lot!

3081d ago