Strategy Informer: Geometry Wars: Galaxies Review

And finally for all of those reviewers out there even questioning the cost difference between the DS and the 360 version, kindly think about taking up another career. The cost of producing a cart, packaging, manual and distribution costs are much higher than making a game available for download. You're also getting new game modes, wireless multiplayer (a first for Geometry Wars) and a different gameplay experience due to the control system.

It's also completely unrelated as a lot of DS owners won't have a 360 and therefore will have no option of purchasing that version. It's only L24.99 (and already much cheaper than that in most places) and it's one of the best DS games available with plenty of content to keep you playing for hours. If that's not value for money, Strategy Informer really don't know what is.

Graphics - 7
Sound - 7
Gameplay - 9
A.I. - 7
Value - 8
Overall -

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