Gamepro: Too Human Preview - The New Diablo?

Before Gamepro tell you about how positive the latest showing of Too Human was, it's important to first point out the negatives for reference. Two years ago Gamepro wrote off Too Human as just another action RPG, but with the worst camera system known to three-dimensional gaming. The unintelligent camera angles were so troublesome the game was inconveniently unplayable. This was at E3 2006 when they saw Too Human playable for the first time on the showroom floor.

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JasonPC360PS3Wii3941d ago

Too Human will be the Diablo for consoles.

Come on in and hate DJ, couldn't have Too Human news without it.

green3941d ago

After seeing the video of the game running at GDC,Too Human immediately shot up to my most anticipated title for the 360 this year.
Pretty confident that the reviews will be great because the developers history is impressive

KeenanTheSavage3941d ago

I agree with you.I can see it being Diablo for consoles. ;)

poos33941d ago

TOOOOO HUMAN possble goty for 2008 tbh im wanting this game more than most games this year,.

Exhaust3941d ago

GTA IV is going to be revolutionary all over again and releasing on two platforms at the same time will mean TONS of sales. More than Halo 3.

But yeah its been awhile since Diablo 2 and Too Human looks like its going to be a real successor with its skill trees and hack and slash goodness.

Can't wait. And being able to keep your character in two more sequels will be even better.

ceedubya93941d ago

in Silicon Knights. I knew that they would pull it together, and it seems like they have. We may have a sleeper hit on our hands.

Rooted_Dust3941d ago

You can still buy the Diablo and Starcraft Warchests in some stores, and they are sometimes prominently displayed with new releases. How long have they been out, 10+ years? Once Too Human attains that level of longevity, then they can call it the next Diablo.

Exhaust3941d ago

Not because of longevity.

Rooted_Dust3941d ago

Yes, I know they are both a similar type of overhead action RPG, but the fact remains that they are comparing a possible success or dud to a game series that has sold more than 17 million copies.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3941d ago

Diablo continues to sell to those who have already played it, and love the games. Many of those copies sold are to gamers on their 3rd or 4th copy. Plus they don't have a choice due to the fact that there isn't any new support for the franchize.

All they are saying is that Too human fills that void in gamers looking for a Diablo fix. They also get this with better controls for an action/RPG they can play on their big HD screen, while sitting on the couch with feet up. Many gamers that have got a bit older can't sit in the slouched PC position anymore, and would rather play somthing thats familiar to them while being lazy.

I love Diablo to but it's one hell of a long game and don't realy want to play it on PC anymore. Plus I been waiting for a long time for somthing new and this game seems to fit the bill.

Mwaan3941d ago

Sounds like it's going to live up to expectations.

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The story is too old to be commented.